Friday, March 19, 2010

2 Days of Walmart and the Dentist...

...equal the 4th rack of hell. I apologize to my readers, who may possess a more delicate vocabulary...but there's simply no other way to describe such experiences.

Needless to say, "the plan" for my first Spring Break since my undergrad career at UNT did NOT involve two days of Walmart and the Dentist. Although, I will say, if you've been searching everywhere for the exact yet affordable shade of purple eyeshadow, be sure to check out Revlon's Violet Starlet. It's taken me years to find. That's what you do when you wait for your husband's meds to be filled, while he's passed out in the a not so endearing manner. Such is the paramount upside to this story. Well, that and B's current state of "not being in utter pain." I can't blame B, though...which is annoying. He'd been so busy excelling at his business that he managed to neglect a tooth pain that had been plaguing him for quite a while. So naturally it manifested in a full blown "Lord, take me now" kind of pain last Saturday evening. So follows our dramatic descent into the world of affliction and dentistry.

B and I had enjoyed a lovely St. Paddy's Day Parade on Greenville in Dallas and had managed to meet up with my beloved and fantastic (Ladies, if you're looking for an off the hook, Christian, successful, talented, jazz pianist, handsome, all around amazing, and going to kill me for dropping this line) friend named Matthew. After hanging with Matthew for a bit...and watching him get hit on...Ladies, I'm serious here...He's a hot commodity...and going to kill me even more now...B and I moved on to West Village to see The Last Station. It was fantastic and indie and weird and stuff, and I so loved being back to my Big D sort of events...but apparently Mr. Lacy was suffering quite a bit...although he was quite taken with James McAvoy's performance. He became even more impressed when I informed him that this was, in fact, Mr. Tumnus from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

I did notice how expressive B seemed in church that Sunday at New Life Church in Denton. Don't get me wrong, he has no problem visibly expressing his love for the Lord, but he later told me that he was having particularly NO problem expressing his reverence during that particular service. ( To all new friends: I was brought up in a very reverent, yet spiritually expressive, non-denominational sort of worship. We're not waving snakes at anyone, but you'd have to be rolling naked in the aisles to shock me.)So...apparently the painkillers my mom had given him were taking effect. Nonetheless, at 7:00am Tuesday morning, there was I driving, nay...attempting not to fall asleep as B and I traveled back to B/CS in order to meet up with our dentist. Explanation for irrational maneuver: We have a blasted DHMO, which dictates that we may see only one dentist...because how often does one have an emergency tooth situation...leave it to me or my husband when out of town.

We weren't planing on returning to B/CS until Wednesday. Fortunately, our dentist is Johny on the spot and managed to schedule B in on Tuesday early afternoon. This planning, of course, occurred after a totally unnecessary appointment with a dentist in Carrollton...thanks, y'all.

B got his oral surgery, and I got my purple eyeshadow after hours of waiting on the Walmart pharmacy...two days in a row. Whether or not this is a fair trade is up to you. Okay, I'm being overly dramatic for the sake of the written word. I am so relieved that B is out of pain now. I hated how badly he felt...if anyone has had tooth's BAAAAAADDDD! One really should receive a month's worth of roofies for such an ailment. Such a trade was not a trade at all. It was the least I could do.

What's certainly not fair, but unfortunately part of many peoples' lives, is how sick family members can become with such little notice. We found out right after B's surgery on Tuesday that his uncle Randy is very ill with pneumonia and in ICU. It's the worst case his doctors have seen, and we hope that you will keep him in your prayers. He's certainly fighting it, but he needs our prayers. Please remember him for us and for his children. Life is so precious and can be threatened in a moment. But we know that our Lord is in control. He will never fail us!

God Bless you, Randy Squiers.

Bis Bald,


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