Monday, March 29, 2010

Back to Abnormal

After my unsolicited Lady GaGa outburst, I'm attempting to return to the original point of my blog, which is searching for a point to begin with. I must confess, even I was baffled by my urgency to defend her video. To all young ladies of this world, do not look to GaGa as a bastion of morality or example of success. I don't think she's laid any claim to the morality bit, but I imagine she fancies herself quite successful. I suppose by this world's standards, she would be correct. Might I suggest a more appropriate role model, though? By my standards, anyhow? Let us consider the likes of Temple Grandin or Condoleezza Rice. Or your mother.

Speaking of family members, my recent musings have turned to Gene Simmons. Bear with me; I promise I have a valid point this time. The last couple of Sunday nights, B and I have been entertained by the Simmons/Tweed household featured on Gene Simmons' Family Jewels. While it baffles me that Mr. Simmons refuses to marry Ms. Tweed, I am even more baffled by the fact that I love how their family seems to function. Sure, sure...we all love our parents and siblings...or we at least feel obligated to say so. But how often do we like them? More so, how often do we observe children respecting and (GASP!) enjoying their parents? Gene and Shannon have certainly not perpetuated the values and standards that I find paramount. Please do note that I'm no prideful prig. Jesus is just alright with me, though. Or maybe it's the other way around.

I have to admit, though, they may have done something right. Nick and Sophie Simmons, who are roughly twenty and eighteen, I believe, have shown their parents more respect than is typical amongst adult-aged children toward their parents. So what have these parents, who appear to "slightly" circumvent traditional morals and values, done right? (Should the unlikely happenstance occur that any member of the Simmons/Tweed clan begin to read my blog and, consequently, find such a question offensive, please note that I think you are all delightful. Worldly and delightful. That's my entirely unsolicited opinion.)

After having posed such a question, this is the point at which many would-be "suppressed" teenagers offer an exasperated countenance and ruefully exclaim, "Because they don't control their children!" Maybe, but I don't think it's true. I don't think Nick and Sophie would be so well behaved if Gene or Shannon didn't threaten to beat the living tar out of them every now and then. And, as far as I know, no media stories exist that narrate drunken, drug-abusing, sex-filled escapades or scandals in which their children are involved. So some criteria for good behavior in exchange for cars, apartments, clothing, and other items requiring parental financial backing must exist amongst the clan.

And my question remains: How did they accomplish this as parents? How were they strict and able to maintain a friendship-like bond with their children...while still being parents? Did they, in fact? I want to knooooowwwww! Because it looks awesome. Not to issue the appearance that I have bad relationships with my parents. I don't. In fact, I've never shopped with any other individual as much as I have with my mom. She's the female to whom I've always been closest. But they all seem to enjoy each other every single moment!

Sure, it's a "reality" show. I get that they act quite a bit. And don't get all verklempt when I say this because it will be a while before I attempt the conquest that is maternity wear, but I want to figure out how to achieve this. Hey, You! Experienced Parent knowingly rolling your eyes at my naive expectations, don't burst my bubble just yet. We have plenty of time to do that. It could happen....right?

One can hope that this will be my final post on anything celebrity, but as I said last time...fatuous wonderings...

Bis Bald,

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