Thursday, March 25, 2010

Caught in a Bad Romance...with Lady GaGa

Verdict's in. After some serious contemplation and soul searching, I've decided...I loooooove the new music video from Lady GaGa featuring Beyonce. The one that MTV is suddenly too prudish to play. Which would matter if MTV actually aired music videos anymore. No, MTV prefers to present programs featuring the brilliant, shining beacons of hope for the burgeoning generation. "NO!" shout MTV execs. "We shan't air creative cinematography and truly exceptional choreography, as these women are scantily clad and are also gyrating in a suggestive nature! (ahem, when did this suddenly become an issue for you, MTV? Really?) "Nay! Instead, We shall perpetuate core family values by producing indubitable paragons of virtue and responsibility. Don't watch Lady GaGa. Watch 16 and Pregnant or Jersey Shore instead." Thanks never fail to deliver.

So, yes, I love the "Telephone" music video. Am I bothered that our society has resigned itself to the female celebrity remaining more or less naked 75% of the time? Yes, immensely. I can't imagine the hardships of trying to rear children with any sort of proper respect for the opposite sex. The media overwhelms us with improper images, daily, and we're totally numb to them. Neither gender is to blame more than the other, though. We're all in this together, and we're all equally responsible. We allow ourselves to be objectified, and we objectify others. It's a truly deplorable situation. Alas, as Solomon wisely admonished, there's nothing new under the sun.

Anyway, having said that, I LOOOOOVE the video! Don't watch it if you are upset by suggestive dancing and scantily clad women. I neither question nor blame you. But the cinematography and choreography are smashing! And really, the costumes and visuals are brilliant. I love the nod to Kill Bill: Vol 1.

Here's my problem...I want it to be some obscure short film presented at an independent festival. Thataway, my indie integrity can remain intact. I like my slight indie snobbery. (Not by which I take pleasure in judging others. By all means listen to what you want) I went to UNT for crying out loud. I like weird dark horses in the film, music, fashion industries. And not because it's different, and not because I'm some "hipster poser that just wants to sound cool" if you will. Because I really enjoy experiencing new points of view and personal translations. This is why Tim Burton, Sophia Coppola, and Quentin Tarantino, to name a few, have excelled in their genre and ,likewise, have received scathing critiques. They're presenting offbeat art in an art form that mainly supports the predictable. And predictable has it's place; I don't know what is more predictable than Lord of the Rings, and that was a veritable powerhouse of amazing artistry.

So from Lord of the Rings back to Lady GaGa...what am I talking about? The point is, why is MTV afeared that GaGa's "Telephone" video will tarnish their already less than sterling reputation? I don't think they are. They needed some publicity so they're picking on the weird kid, who has a contract with a mainstream label but insists on doing things differently. And, yes, I do agree. The near-nudity, the I'm-working-too-hard-to-shock-you-foul language, and lewd behavior are not original aspects to her, otherwise, innovatory videos. Those unprincipled gems, we could all live without them. If Lady GaGa could divorce herself from these tired, repetitious gimmicks...why, I think she'd have something going for herself.

I have no idea how that all fits into my blog regarding my quest for the "The Plan", but such are the fatuous wanderings of my mind.

Bis Bald,

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