Monday, March 8, 2010

In Another Life...

...I would not be an academic advisor. Don't misunderstand. I love my job; telling people what I think they should do is a dream come true. And to be honest, students are the only beings grateful for my opinion. I never see a wave of relief wash across Brandon's expression upon hearing what I think he should do. Quite opposite in fact.

But I still wouldn't be an advisor. In another life, my alter ego possesses a wildly bohemian, creative, romantic occupation. She gets to develop fantastical movie scenes with Tim Burton, write jokes with Catherine O'Hara, and learn Spanish from Pedro Almodóvar. Jenny Lewis and Zooey Deschanel hang out on the weekends to write songs and design dresses. And there's a good chance that she's just about as tatted up as Kat Von D.

The other day, I found out the the University of California offers a degree in Viticulture! Why did I not know that I could get a degree in wine!?! I could have opened a bodega near Francis Ford Coppola's vineyard and talked screenplays with Sophia! But then I recalled my post-church conversation with Brandon and his friend Max regarding the image of San Francisco falling into a fault line in the ocean in the film 2012 and then having considered how close Napa is to San Fran, I immediately discontinued my contemplation on the subject.

Still, it does get old being the type A, straight-laced individual in this duo. I soooo want to be messy-laced many many times throughout the day. I don't think it's totally outside of my capabilities, though. Probably why I married B. To live vicariously through him as he develops his own design company and fosters his musical talent and range. I'd like to think that I may even work up enough gumption to someday perform with him. He's asked me to, but I don't want to be the token musician's wife displayed in all my glorious mediocrity so that people can say, "Awww. That's so cute!" No, sir. That, in fact, would not be cute. I need to learn an instrument soon. I do have a few hidden talents, but I don't know how long I can hold a crowd captive by performing the same two bars of Concerning Hobbits on the ocarina. Any takers?

Alas, my job description may never invoke romantic visions of artistic renderings or compel a person to cry, "Viva la vie boheme!" In the mean time, I'll continue to live voyeuristically through others, try to hone my creative writing skills via this blog, and take silent joy in the purple lily tattooed on the right side of my lower back. That was a tooth-grindingly painful method of proving my artistic side...but totally worth it. In fact, I think I've just signed myself up for another slightly more visible, probably just as painful, definitely just as permanent artistic expression. So as I sum it up, I advise you to go ahead and live "la vie boheme"...whilst also remaining a good steward of your finances, brushing your teeth twice a day, and most importantly, praying every chance you get and thanking the Lord for all His amazing blessings. Ask Him where you're going next, and what He wants you to do when you get there. That's The Plan for today.

Bis Bald,


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