Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How Much is That Hypoallergenic Doggy in the Window?

And does it come in a house trained version? These were necessary attributes, which needed to be possessed by any doggy companion for Bella Bawk Ba Gawk. Have I introduced Bawk, yet? Sorry, I get ahead of myself. Here is Ms. Bella Bawk Ba Gawk:

At roughly 10 weeks old.

Here She is Now:

She is a little over a year old and has been desperately lonely since both B and I have found it necessary to work long hours of the day to eat and live. (She makes no chicken noises what-so-ever and doesn't really resemble a chicken in any way. Such is life in the Lacy household). She is, in fact, a Cavachon (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Bichon Frise) Alas, she is hypoallergenic, which is necessary for me as I suffer from allergies but could not suffer life without a dog

While Bella is a bundle of energy, joy, and distinct sarcasm...seriously, she produces some very sarcastic, indignant bawr rawrs...I've been feeling a need to provide her with some companionship. I have no time to properly train a puppy, though, and would feel horribly guilty having to crate one all day. It would be ruined if I did that. Too much responsibility to get a new puppy right now. I was blessed with a few months off of work to properly raise Bella. Where on Earth was I going to find a small, hypoallergenic, house trained, playful, young dog?! There are virtually none up for adoption here in the Brazos County. They all apparently reside in Dallas.

Well, ask and ye shall receive. Ye shall, ye shall. Last night, while at our church smallgroup, we were presented with the opportunity to adopt a 2-year-old poodle named Pluto. Pluto has grown up with dogs so she's a great companion. She does have some minor health problems, and life with a smaller dog will most likely suit her better. Last night was her first in the Lacy household, and she spent it piled on top of B and me along with Bella Bawk.

We like funky you may have noticed...and while Pluto is cute, it just doesn't correspond with Bella Bawk Ba Gawk as well as we would prefer.

Meet Ms. Tallulah McCluckins!


  1. Seriously -- this dog is ALL Ellie can talk about!

  2. Oh, no! We've got her hooked on "bird sounds for names" dogs. Is that misinformation good during her formative years?

  3. Look at that Baby Bawk picture!!! She was so cute! Tell her I got her a bone like the one she wanted of Giselle's. I'm sure she will remember. Love ya.