Friday, August 27, 2010

Fashion Forum Friday: Audience Participation Day!

Tomorrow afternoon shall find B and me in Houston, and boy howdy, am I excited about my fashion forum item of the week!

“Boy howdy”, ay? Yeah, I guess I talk like that now.

I’ve been waiting with baited breath ever since Monday to wear this shirt:

So remember when I told you to go shop at Northgate Vintage? Yes, well this proves that I follow my own advice and don’t just arbitrarily list demands for you to follow. I want you to look cool too. And I know exactly what you’re thinking, “I need to definitely look as cool as someone who writes ‘boy howdy’ in her blog, IMMEDIATELY!” I’m flattered that you feel this way.

And if you read my fashion column, which will premier in Maroon Weekly next Wednesday at local newsstands as well as, you’ll learn more about the clothing line Material from which this shirt hails. Sounds like you need to check that shiz out.

Did you ever think you’d see “boy howdy” and “shiz” joined together in one place? Yeah, well…there’s a reason Maroon Weekly hired me…clearly I’m a brilliant writer who isn’t scared to go there.

Now that I’ve officially stripped myself of any remaining coolness I may have possessed, it’s your turn to talk. Leave a comment below telling me what you’re excited about wearing this weekend! I loved loved loved…nay…lurved the feedback I got last week! Y’all are great so keep it coming!

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  1. This weekend I am excited to wear my favorite comfortable jeans and a comfortable plain white tee, and to sproose up my comfortable outfit I will be wearing my pearl stud earrings. Oh, and I cant forget my pink flip flops to ensure that I am really comfy!

  2. I was scrolling through pictures from the red carpet premier of "Going the Distance" on Jezebel the other day and saw an ACTUAL STAR wearing an ACTUAL DRESS that I own. It appears that Marin Ackerman hit up the J.Crew extra 40% summer sale, just like I did. Stars! They're just like us! I will be wearing my J.Crew fleurette bustier dress, as seen here and hereby dubbed my "red carpet dress" when I go out with the Mr. to celebrate our anniversary this weekend.