Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm No Tool But I Love Tulle

I was browsing Etsy last night and discovered a dress that I need to be allowed to wear every day of my life, or at least variations of it.

I swoon for Monique Martinez’s designs and deeply mourn the fact that she resides in Arizona. I have a profound desire to run into the nearest Phoenix boutique that carries her line dubbed Ouma and twirl around in one of her gorgeous tulle confections singing “I Feel Pretty.” While I relish the day I found a chic, black pencil skirt that fit over my not-so-pencil-shaped lower half, the little girl in me that loved hoop skirts, parasols, and pink satin toe shoes my never grow up. But I don’t think I want her to. Twirling around in layers of gauzy fabric singing “I Feel Pretty” keeps one sane.

But Ms. Martinez has done a commendable job in making this potentially adolescent look very polished and mature. The striped Parisian tank top and T-strap ballet flats bring class and sophistication to the whimsical skirt. Seriously, why can’t I look like this every day? “Love” doesn’t adequately describe my sincere ardor for the Cirque Party Dress. Lurve…I Lurve it! Check out her online boutique at

Speaking of lurving things, I’ve submitted my first column to Maroon Weekly for editing, and things seem to be running along smoothly, and I lurve it. The first publication of the fall semester already hit stands this week so pick up a copy, and also visit for even more news on B/CS culture.

Spreading the Lurve: Don’t forget about BCS Fashion Week! It’s quickly approaching,and I can’t wait to begin the official blog! You can check out the schedule and more info at

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Lurve ya!

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