Monday, August 23, 2010

Morose Monday

I’ve officially plummeted back down to Earth after riding my Friday Afternoon High all the way to Sunday evening. My buzz immediately dissipated as my discourteous alarm clock reminded me of the following things:

1) School starts today so I need to leave the house at least 5 minutes earlier than to which I’m accustomed in order to eschew any school zone delays. 5 MINUTES! Big deal in my book!
2) My careless weekend diet of junk has resulted in the need to wear black pants and loose dresses for the rest of the week until I can kick my butt into gear and shrink back down to a less lumpy shape.
3) I have to advise students, and by “advise” I mean that I have to actually talk to them.
4) I’m tired…like…exhausted. Could sleep right now. Would prefer to write only in fragmented sentences.
5) My “Friday Fashion Forum” item of the week (pink converse) mockingly left a blister on my left heel.

Because my list of conundrums might appear mild to my readers, let me remind us of the main point to this blog and perhaps even evoke some true dismay. If fashion and the perpetuation of aesthetically pleasing appearances prove paramount to the followers of my (tiresome?) blogging, then brace yourselves for the next cause of my Monday misery.

I have to wear a Blinn Team t-shirt to A&M tomorrow!

My good friend Charity put a lot of thought into the graphic design on the t-shirt, and with that I take no issue. In fact, kudos to Charity. It’s great!

….But…I don’t wear Hanes Beefy t-shirts…ever. EVER! Why must they exist in a professional arena? Can’t we look like a “team” of advisors by dressing like adults and not the students we’re advising? UGH! And we’re not even given the luxury of pairing our Beefy t-shirts with jeans. Nope! I have to incongruously wear this poor example of a top with black trousers. Why would you ever encourage a professional to match a bright blue, beefy t-shirt with black trousers? It’s devastating! And “Beefy”! Really?! Why would I ever be inspired to wear an article of clothing that exhibits similar qualities as meat? I don’t want to look “Beefy”. EVER!

It’s just a fashion travesty, and I resent having it forced upon me. I will be carrying clothing reinforcements and plans to change as soon as I’m allowed to look presentable again. Then I shall retire this poor cotton blend, which never asked to be woven into this embarrassing display, to my “clean the house” wardrobe.
Until then, I shall look to Wednesday, as it holds hope for a brighter fashion future.


  1. Buy new shoes that will drawl people's attention to the shoes and not the shirt; Great reason for new shoes if you ask me!

  2. I've actually been informed that we are allowed to wear jeans! Yay! I can look less incongruous!