Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stop What You’re Doing. I’ve Just Been Handed an Urgent and Horrifying News Story!

I kid! It’s not horrifying, but it’s most certainly urgent. (Did you like my Anchorman line? It’s best if you imagine Ron Burgundy’s voice reading this blog to you.)

My first journalistic endeavor in fashion has led me to this conclusion: You need to be shopping at Northgate Vintage, and if you read my column in Maroon Weekly, which will hit stands September 1st, you will find out why…in detail. Seriously, though, just go over there and buy stuff. Owner Ryan Ewing has put a lot of thought into his collection of clothes and music. Vintage clothes and records await your perusal. If you live in B/CS, go! Now! If you don’t live in B/CS….I don’t want to hear your excuses, Winey McWinerson. Just go!

I’m concerned that a bit (read: MAJOR!) of info may not make it into the column, though, so I’m going to use the blog as a sounding board. Oh, the joys of writing one’s own blog. You can do whatever you want! Seriously, though, pay attention. Ryan’s creative shop is fueled not only by retro adornments, but by music as well. He wants to host singer/songwriters and bands at the store every first Thursday of the month, and the first musical event will be September 2nd.
Wait a minute! Did I just say September 2nd?!? By Jove! That’s the day after the next publication of Maroon Weekly, which will feature my column about Northgate Vintage, will hit the stands.

Sounds to me like people need to take advantage of this providential occasion and pick up a copy of Maroon Weekly on their way to Northgate Vintage’s musical extravaganza on September 2nd. Why would you not?
You need more reasons? Then you’re like the most demanding reader of a blog ever! Lucky for you I have another reason that should pretty much seal the deal. I’m working on getting a certain B. Lacy out there to astound the crowd with his melodic concoctions.

Sold it! See you out there.

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