Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To Tweet, Perchance to Dream

How strange is this entity we call the Interweb? That is what the kids call it, right? Well, B calls it that, anyways, but I suppose it is better known as the Internet. The days of face to face resume submission hath long but passed, and one must rely upon electronic networking to further develop a social life as well as a career. For a social introvert such as I, it often proves convenient to simply type up some personal info, click submit, and (Tah Dah!) I’ve applied to a job or made a new friend. Often, though, this impersonal application leaves me feeling disconnected and overwhelmed by the amount of “activity” going on out there in cyberspace. How does one break into a new and exciting field? What if I want to do more than just advise students? How do I network myself into, well, a different network? What if I want to write words that will actually be read by individuals other than me, B, or my mom? Where do I even begin to look in this vast parallel dimension? Who am I?! Where am I?! What am I doing here?! And then I recover from my panic attack.

Truthfully, though, such is the state in which I’ve existed over the past few weeks. Although my break through with B/CS Fashion Week still has me kvelling, it also has left me asking, “Then what?” I want to keep writing in a public forum, and I have no connections, and I can’t just walk into The Eagle or another local publication and say, “Hi, I have no experience other than blogging. Can I write about fashion for you?” because they would look at me like I’m crazy and ask why on Earth I didn’t apply online like a normal person would, and in turn I would have to explain that I’m not a normal person but in fact an abnormal person with a penchant for panicky run on sentences and how would they ever know that unless I “networked” myself in person? Either way, I don’t think I’m getting the job.

So I’ve come to this conclusion: That’s why God created Twitter. For the longest time I’ve been trying to understand the point of Twitter. People can learn enough about my thoughts and opinions by A) Talking to me or B) Reading whatever absurd thought I’ve typed into the space entitled “What’s on Your Mind” on Facebook. Surely my friends don’t need my ponderings reiterated via Twitter? Well, they don’t, but as of yesterday I’ve discovered that Twitter is, perhaps, the best networking tools available. My blog is automatically syndicated on Twitter whenever I submit a new post, and much to my surprise, people actually read it. People I don’t know. Well, at least one person I don’t know. Fortunately, this unknown individual is the Editor in Chief of Maroon Weekly, Chris Shepperd. Somehow, he possessed the ability to see beyond the reckless sprawling of my words and felt that I would be successful at writing a fashion column. And he just offered it to me. Just like that. Would you like a fashion column? You would?! Well, here you go. It was more or less like that. He can either see past the reckless sprawling or is secretly involved in a cruel social experiment involving a loony, insipid writer and the public’s reaction to her renderings. Either way, I’m so on board.

I have a fashion column! Huzzah! Hooray! I may achieve tangible evidence that someone thought I wasn’t totally off my rocker in my endeavors! Yay! Validation!

You will find me in Maroon Weekly’s second publication, as the first has already gone to the “edit and print” people. Still, pick up a copy and enjoy, and I’ll be working on a more professional (I’m still the one writing it so…you know… “professional”) fashion column for your consideration.

And don't panic, Blinn Students...my Beloveds, you can still see me for advising Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm. I'm not going anywhere.


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