Friday, August 6, 2010

We Here in Aggieland Like Fashion Too!

This Friday morning is a great Friday morning! One would assume all the greatness is due to the three day weekend it heralds (for me!), and one would be correct. Alas, I have even greater news about which to be excited: Bryan/College Station Fashion Week. More specifically: Me blogging about Bryan/College Station Fashion Week. Particularly: Me being the Official blogger for Bryan/College Station Fashion Week. Yes! Fortune hath smiled upon my fledgling blog and offered it an opportunity to grow up into a big girl blog! At least, that’s my hope.

And how did this fortuitous occasion come about, you ask? After I spotted an ad for the event, I immediately emailed Ms. Paige Melvin, Owner and CEO of Engage PR & Marketing and producer of B/CS Fashion Week, to learn what volunteer opportunities existed. In turn she inquired as to how I would like to be involved so I explained my desire to develop a blog devoted mainly to fashion concepts and offered to showcase the events and designers participating in Fashion Week. Not only did she welcome the idea, she upped the ante by asking if I would write THE blog detailing Fashion Week…like…all official and stuff. Naturally my response was a casual “no, thank you”, and by a casual “no, thank you” I mean a resounding “YES!!!! ABSOLUTELY!!!”

What does this mean for my little baby blog? Hopefully it means growth! Paige and I have decided that I shall post my blog entries regarding Fashion Week on her company’s website. In the mean time, I’ll be attempting to develop “Misadventures”, and I’ve already called in reinforcements because I know very little (nothing) about all of this fancy pants blog designing. I write. That’s my creation. Up to this point, I’ve relied on templates and am overwhelmed by the amount of “blog design” knowledge others seem to possess. Enter: Rachel Lacy. My Sister-in-Law (and Queen of all Blogdom, in my opinion) has kindly agreed to assist me in the creation of something more stylishly mature. I’m thrilled to have her artistic expertise involved in the future development of my blog and can’t wait to see what our collaboration produces…or what she just tells me to do.

So direct all of your friends (and yourself) here for future information regarding B/CS Fashion Week as well as my own misadventures in discussing fashion design and concepts…mixed with more than enough of my own personal opinions ;-)

You can discover more about Fashion week by visiting the following pages:

And follow both of us on Twitter! @SarabethLacy and @FashionWeekBCS

You can also enjoy the wit of Rachel Lacy at:

B, the pups, and I are headed to Big D for the weekend so I’ll catch up with everyone on Monday!

Have a great weekend, and remember what we've learned this week: Don’t wear Crocs or Toms, but if you must, choose Toms.


  1. Congratulations!!! I'm super excited for you :o) Can't wait to see the new project.

  2. Thanks for all the blog support, Sarah!

  3. This is wonderful! I am so excited. Can't wait to read you!