Monday, September 27, 2010

Aufwiedersehen, Fashion Week BCS Day #6

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Can it be true? Has Fashion Week BCS truly come to an end? Comparatively my schedule seems abnormally peaceful this week, and I can’t say that I regret having more time allotted to…I don’t know…SLEEP! Although, sleep deprivation was but a small fee owed for the enjoyment of witnessing B/CS designers and artists spring to life. More impressive was the community’s support of these artists; crowds flocked to every event in downtown Bryan as well as College Station.

The final event at Daisy Dukes proved to be the perfect follow up to Inspirations’ runway show as well as an appropriate celebratory conclusion to Fashion Week BCS as a whole. With a cat walk spanning the entire dance floor, our persevering models braved its length to exhibit clothing from designers such as Orbit Reform, Keal, Kellie Smith, Clutch Campus, and several more.

I had my own personal fashion moment when I saw that one of the models was showing off a Kellie Smith Material dress that consisted of the same fabric and print as I had chosen to wear that evening. Joyous fate!

While every designer present that evening deserves praise and adoration, I will narrow in on one designer for the mere sake of brevity. I do want you to read this without having to take a nap in the middle. Kirsten Hall’s Keal collection is definitely one of my top picks. Her designs ranged from menswear built for women to sweet, frilly concoctions. Everything was very well edited and well constructed. She succeeded in building a cohesive collection while still remaining freshly diverse. The juxtaposition of a straight, clean, mod black shift and a salmon pink cocktail dress gathered at the waist and topped with elbow length bell sleeves in black lace was brilliant. Ms. Hall, if you ever need to find a safe home for that salmon-pink, black lace cocktail dress, I would happily adopt it.

As I said before, though, I laud every designer, who presented Saturday evening, as well as every designer and artist that was involved throughout the entire week. I am very proud to say that B/CS is bursting with creative, artistic energy, and I loved setting aside a week’s time to celebrate it!

To all of the models, who volunteered their time: Bravo! You were all lovely. To the designers and artists, who submitted their blood, sweat, and tears for our viewing pleasure: Double Bravo! Lastly, to everyone involved in the production of Fashion Week B/CS: Infinite Bravos! Thank you to everyone who made Fashion Week BCS possible. It was fabulous. So…who’s up for Fashion Week BCS 2011?

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