Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bang Bang! (My Baby Shot Me Down)

With my attention no longer commanded by Fashion Week BCS, I’m almost at a loss for what to write about. I feel like I left my modest blog for glamorous, popular, more experienced blog. Then, as these scenarios tend to play out, the enchanting blog proved to be predictably self-absorbed and flighty and left me in the dust for a bigger, better opportunity. Humbled, I’m now begging my neglected blog to take me back, and we all know it will out of clemency and genuine love for me. But now we’re in that awkward phase where the blog is all, “Look, I have to take this slow because I can’t risk my heart being broken again.” It’s awkward, but we’re working through it.

Fashion Week was fun, and I really enjoyed providing personal accounts of my experiences at each event, but a return to normalcy is also well appreciated.

Which leads to today’s topic: my hair has been severely neglected right along with my blog. My appointment with Marci Cutler over at Cutler² Salon & Spa, http://www.cutler2salon.com/, (go there if you like awesomeness reflected in your hair) had to be pushed back due to Fashion Week, and my sister’s wedding is coming up…so…I need to go, like, yesterday.

I need your help, though! I’m thinking about making a slight alteration to my haircut, and while I say slight, we all know how “slight” changes can change everything…for better or worse.

In my amateurish opinion, hair makes up 50% of one’s fashion statement. It needn’t be wild or avant-garde, or cutting edge. It just needs to work for you, and every individual is different. Unkempt hair, in a poorly unkempt state...not the cool, bedhead, unkempt state...will distract immensely from any other stylistically sound decisions you make.

Spending lots of time and energy on my hair exhausts me. Consequently, I’m a huge fan of pinning it up and heading out. I’ve met simply aggravating individuals who can wash their hair the night before, get up, brush it out, and tah dah…beautiful! Ugh! You guys annoy me to no end. Or maybe you are one, who enjoys spending time straightening it out or curling it up. Whatever works for you. Fussy or not fussy. Hair does matter, though. Don’t neglect it entirely…as demonstrated by myself…

HELP ME!: Before my imminent appointment arrives this Thursday, I need your help in making a decision. I kind of want to add some fringed baby bangs tapered into where my hair parts on my forehead…so not straight across. I’m never happy when I cut bangs straight across my forehead. But I like the idea of having just a few cut into my part. I’d like to think that it would look like an edgy, ever so slightly punky Holly Golightly form Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Here’s the best representative pic I could find.

But that’s still not it because her baby bangs are tapered into shorter side bangs, and I want my side bangs to be much longer. Therefore, I’ve rendered this amazing mock-up!

Don't base your answer on this ridiculous rendering.

Yeah…It’s still kind of hard to see, but in my mind, it looks awesome! Just subtle, shattered baby bangs tapered into long bangs.

My roots are currently 57 inches long, but I am confident in my color change decision. I’ll post pics once everything’s complete so you can witness the results.

In the mean time, though, tell me what you think in regards to my potential bang alteration!


  1. Do it Do it Do it!
    One of my favorite fashion/food bloggers has the same haircut, and it looks great on her.

  2. I love the amazing mock up. You always make me laugh.