Thursday, September 30, 2010

...But they're addictive like crack

I know I said I’d wait until Friday to reveal my new ink, but I just can’t!

I’ll have to repost pictures once it has healed more; the design is not well complimented by constant seepage. It looks kind of goopy. But I love it and can’t wait to see it all healed up!

Derek at Poking You was amazing! I love how he made the buds more of a watercolor, and he did a great job creating the art deco jewel in the center. The pearls and crystals in it look pinker than they will. In fact, he didn’t use any pink in there at all so it will fade out. And he sketched up the pearls at the last minute to create more depth. I think the pearls were essential to create a more finished look. They will look whiter in the future as well, although he did use slightly pink shading to give them more of a reflective appearance.

I love that the design collaboration resulted in a whimsical piece that appears to be a cross between an art deco bracelet and an authentic flower.

Rachel and I agree, no name tattoos. Ever. Never Ever. But getting a tat symbolic of your loved one is a great way to honor him/her. When B proposed, he placed dark reddish purple peonies on the table surrounding the ring. Peonies are also attributed as the “thornless rose”. Hence, my very own, personally symbolic tattoo in honor of my husband.

Luuuuuurrrrrvvvveeeee it!

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  1. HOW did I miss this post? I've been wondering and wondering and wondering what it looks like "off" a cell phone screen . . . and here was the answer all along.

    Very cool. :)