Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion Forum Friday: Audience Participation Day!

My Friday gameface is on, and I am thrilled that the blessed day has arrived. “This Is The Day” by The The hypnotically emanates from my PC’s speakers pacifying my “must break free from this office” jitters.

But it also makes me long to dance on the rooftop of Empire Records with Ethan Embry and Rory Cochran at dawn circa 1995. Oddly enough, the song also invokes a certain nostalgic desire to wear a short, plaid, and pleated skirt paired with Doc Martens. And then I’m reminded that my legs aren’t half the length of Liv Tyler’s and my reverie is broken.

Switching over to “La Meme Histoire” by Feist, I’m reminded that I do not have in possession my Fashion Forum item of the week. It is an item I would love to have in my possession, but I’m just a tad bit reluctant to admit where said item first caught my eye.

I did, previously, admonish readers to avoid over accessorizing themselves à la Carrie Bradshaw. Still, every now and then, Patricia Field, stylist for the SATC series, hit the mark spot on. My absolute favorite collection of ensembles ever featured on all six seasons premiered on the final two episodes which were set in Paris. Field effortlessly channeled a tribute to Parisien mode without being too literal and ingeniously blended it with an old Hollywood, Roman Holiday-esque look. Impeccably gorgeous and youthful while also remaining age appropriate.

It goes without saying that I could easily covet every article of clothing featured on the two episodes, but one item in particular lingers in the recesses of my mind. I cannot shake the need to acquire a necklace either identical or similar to the one with which Petrovsky gifts Carrie.

So simple and elegant. Ageless. Timeless. Goes with anything and everything. I need to have this.

Imagine my disheartened dismay upon discovering that the original design by Fred Leighton is valued at $55K. Hmmm….so exactly how lucrative could your landscape designs potentially become, B? Or, let me reword that, how lucrative can we make them be?

Alas, I don’t need a $55K Fred Leighton creation. Unless an affluent benefactor takes pity on me. Actually many jewelry designers on Etsy have worked to simulate Leighton’s design, and I’m seriously considering purchasing one for $25.

Regardless, be it the $55,000 piece or the $25 replica, I am seriously jonesing for this necklace as my weekend and every single day that follows item.

So, beloved readers of my inanity, what’s your weekend poison?


  1. I will gleaming all weekend with my "heart to heart" ring, earrings, and bracelet. Simple yet beautiful accessories for just about any outfit!

  2. I'm hoping for grungy jeans, an old t-shirt and boots. I'm going to try to talk my brother into taking the 4-wheeler for a spin before I try to take it all over Colorado with Kenny strapped on the back :o) I figure better to wipe out on flat than off the side of a mountain... I'm still working on a something cute for Sunday as I'm headed to a preview expo for the 3-Day. Hmmmm... I think something pink is in order, but I'm limited on pink other than walking clothes. Perhaps I ust need to go shopping!

  3. I want to wear something brightly-colored, form-fitting, and cleavage-enhancing. Hmm...sounds like the majority of my wardrobe...

    I'll find SOMETHING! ; )

  4. well i believe I will be pulling out my lake highlands elementary t-shirt as I am going to a local high school football game and feel like being nostalgic to my hometown. I wish I had kept some LH high school stuff but not worth it really when it's all too small now. I will probably continue my casual look due to being outdoors on saturday...may even pull out my hoochie shorts for the occasion...we will see if they agree with buttoning...:)