Friday, September 17, 2010

Fashion Forum Friday: Audience Participation Day

Whew! Thank goodness that Friday morning is over! The next morning will be Saturday morning, which is my only sacred morning of sleep uninterrupted by an abrasive alarm. My excited anticipation is just barely enough fuel to get me through the remainder of the work day. I can almost feel the supple support of my pillow beneath my head and the fidgeting weight of Bella Bawk Ba Gawk and Tallulah Poodle Minky Boodle curled up on my ankles. It sounds blissful!

I can’t describe the blessed relief Saturday morning brings.

Wait…don’t I have to be somewhere….??? No, certainly not. Wait…I seem to remember making plans. For some foreign reason…I don’t know…I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I almost want to say that my presence is expected in the wee, small hours of the morning. H. This place starts with an “H”, and children…I’m getting visions of children. Strange.

Ellie…Cade…HOUSTON at 7:45am tomorrow morning!!!! DRATS!!!

Last time B and I hung out with Curtis and Rachel, one of them must have slipped an “agree to whatever I ask” serum into my drink. I can think of no other logical excuse.

No, no, no. I kid; I kid! Though driving to Houston at the crack of dawn, i.e. being driven to Houston whilst remaining unconscious, is not one of my favorite things, Ellie and Cade are two of my favorite Lacys. We have ambitious plans for a fun-filled day at the zoo, and I look forward to being sweetly serenaded by Ellie and getting to know little Cade’s personality even better.

Nieces and nephews are great. They think you’re the Cat’s Meow because you don’t have the audacity to discipline them, and in turn, you get to give them back to mom and dad at the end of the day to be appropriately disciplined. Win/win.

Fortunately, my premeditated fashion forum item is perfect zoo attire: A saturated blue, racerback Free People tunic. It’s super cute paired with a white tank and jeans. I like that it promotes the more boho look I’m developing, as the straps are purposefully too long and slouchy, but it’s still fitted enough so I don’t look like I’m wearing a big, blue bag.

And who doesn’t like birds? Actually, quite a few people. I know; I’m always befuddled by these individuals. Ornithophobia. I realize that I’m no “Doctor” per se, and it’s rude to “belittle” other people’s "issues". So I won’t go into detail why I think the fear of birds is not nearly as legit as arachnophobia or people-running-at-you-with-a-knife-phobia or banging-your-toe-on-the-dresser-leg-while-trying-to-find-your-way-back-to-bed-in-the-dark-after-you-got-up-to-go-use-the-bathroom-phobia.

What are y’all wearing this weekend? I need to utilize your thoughts and inspirations as a form of energy to get me out of bed in like 6 hours or whatever profane hour of the morning I’m meant to be a functioning person.


  1. I really like that top!

  2. I love that top too! I wore one of those dresses I bought off the ladies on the beach in Mexico. I bought some more this last trip. This weekend I wore a pretty turquoise one with silver embroidering and a lighter turquoise pashmina along with some pink coral ear rings and a great new bracelet with a geometric white stone. Silver flip flops finished everything off. :)