Thursday, September 2, 2010

How To Shoot Your Daily Blog Entry in the Foot

Misread "barnstorming" as "brainstorming" and then write a superfluously opinionated entry about how wearing high heels doesn't make you dumb. Then feel dumb for misunderstanding the actual point another blogger was trying to make which was: You don't get around in politics as much in heels as you do wedges. Which is still a dumb statement.

Then just delete your entire day's entry because you just disproved your main point which was: I can too brainstorm in high heels!

Today's new point: I can brainstorm in heels, and I can certainly barnstorm in heels, but I can't read regardless of my attire.

I still want these shoes, though. If you take nothing else from this entry (which how could you; it's a veritable mess), take this. These are awesome shoes.