Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm a Published Columnist!

While morosely trudging along into my office hurt my heart...because I'm more or less useless to students for a month now but still have to take them back into my office to relay to them this information, which is typically followed by a vacant stare or frustrated was immediately lifted when I remembered what today is. What joyous occasion could overcome the affliction of being an ineffective (read: abused) advisor? Becoming a published columnist, that's what!

Maroon Weekly's second volume for the fall semester has gone live on the internet. Therefore, if you were to pay a visit to you would find two articles written by moi featuring crucial information about Northgate Vintage! Did you see how I used some French, there? Just another reason why you should probably consider my fashion opinions valid. I attained a majority of my knowledge of French from Eddie another reason to throw on the pile. (I'm confusing myself at this point so don't feel out of the loop.)

Check out the website today, and then pick up a hard copy off the racks tomorrow. You'll probably want to start collecting my stories now, as who can predict how valuable they'll be in several years? 50 cents now could easily escalate to $ my own personal alternate universe where even Anna Wintour cares about my opinion.

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