Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One Rare Occasion Calls for Another: Public Opinion Poll

Today begins with me in the throes of another infrequent fashion scenario. Although you’ll find no recantation here, you will discover…Indecision!

Rarely do I lack a firm stance on what I believe to be true about fashion decisions, whether they be prudent or avant-garde. I may alter my opinion at any given point, as demonstrated in yesterday’s post; I’ve never been a fan of needless bull-headedness. But I hardly encounter the occasion where I witness a new trend and formulate this as my response: ??????????

Regardless, that’s the best I can produce when I see socks and pumps paired together. Although initiated in the 80s, this odd?/offbeat?/eclectic?/chic?/dorky? combination has more recently been revived by the likes of Ugly Betty. At that point my thoughts were that awkward Betty was attempting to make a fashion statement a la fictitious “Mode”. Said fashion statement was a bit “off” but, in turn, really kind of worked for the character.

But now I’m witnessing the same fashion statement a la genuine “Vogue” and various other bastions of fashion editorials. My hasty reaction was, “NO! NO NO NO NO NO!!!!”

Currently, though, I find myself torn. I kind of…sorta…like it? I maybe….could possibly…try it?

I’m not sayin’; I’m just sayin’. We’ll see if I ever muster the gumption to attempt this look. The mild Texas winter would certainly allow for it.

In the mean time, you decide. Socks with pumps: Yay or Nay?


  1. NAY NAY NAY! esp those hot pink ones! ICK! but girl you never know with me I may try it with some fuzzy x-mas socks at christmas or my plaid heels with scotty dog socks ha ha ha ha!

  2. Dearest Sarabeth, this look reminds me of an equally shudder-inducing trend: socks....with..............sandals!!!... *cue hysterical wailing and uncontrolled shrieking*

    Save for Ugly Betty, the only people I know who would wear this seriously are the Japanese students at UNT who are coming to learn to speak Engrish (<--not a typo! Lol) and let's just face it: Asian fashion is usually amazing. In that case, I don't ask questions, I just go with it.

    For the purposes of this blog, though, I can say forcefully and with conviction that I will SKIP this particular fashion statement and stick with socks as socks and pumps as pumps. Some marriages just aren't meant to be!

    Now, Halloween costumes are an entirely different story... ; )

  3. Negative ghostrider. Pattern is full. And that looks ridiculous. I won't even wear panty hose with peep toes, much less actual socks. However, if you ever muster the gumption to try it, PLEASE post pictures!