Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Yesterday, my friend Theresa called my attention to a novel fashion trend…and I can’t say that I’m superfluously grateful.

Yuck. Upon initial observation, I am strangely compelled to request a pedicure accompanied with bleach and a flame thrower for the poor model stricken with the task of placing her feet in these…hooves. Yes, they are authentic horse hooves. I can’t even wear fur and now you’re proposing hooves!?

I am all for innovation when it comes to fashion design. But Iris Schieferstein has crossed the line from inventive to grossly and unnecessarily outrageous. I hate it when designers believe that shocking us will fool us into believing they’re ingenious and cutting-edge. No. You just produced something stupid. You clearly ran out of designing energy, and you’re not fooling anyone.
I can only assume that the gun currently being utilized as a heel had something to do with the poor animal's demise.
Look, Chanel is allowed to do a gun heel. It’s Chanel, and the design house’s execution was as chic as one could expect a gun heel to be. Leave it alone!

Chanel's less appalling version
Actually, should you be looking to assemble an exceedingly authentic Mr. Tumnus costume for Halloween, I think I have the appropriate footwear for you.


  1. Ha! The exact thing I thought when I saw the picture was, "Well, they might come in handy if you wanted to dress up as Mr. Tumnus."

  2. I don't think I've ever seen anything this awful.... I may have nightmares tonight...

  3. Here are some more examples of inexcusable footwear. Try not to shed too many tears ; )