Friday, October 29, 2010

Fashion Forum Friday: Halloween Edition

 I don’t have any solid Halloween plans, and I don’t really have a new costume. Regardless, I still love Halloween weekend; it’s the perfect segue into Thanksgiving and Christmas…and cooler weather! I love/hate when the natives complain about the freezing (i.e. 50º F) weather here. And, yes, I am an original Dallasite, born and raised, but a five year stint in Colorado Springs as a child fostered in me a love for snow and a proper need for fire places.

I do possess a small arsenal of clothing that could easily morph into some sort of costume concoction so I’m not too concerned should impulsive plans present themselves. But if I had loads of money to spend on a costume made based on standards of mediocrity, which I don’t, I would spend even more of it to acquire a well made costume similar to this:
I vow to one day masquerade as Marie Antoinette, one of my favorite female historical figures. Her husband's impotency issue and consequential lack of children for several years left her with fashion as her main distraction. Once Louis figured that mess out, they had some kids and grew up a bit. Unfortunately, the social and political climate of France was severely polarized, and Louis and Marie were too removed and performed too little too late before a disorganized, at best, revolution ensued. Were they visionary monarchies? No. Were they victims of ancient aristocratic customs and rituals? Yes. Did they deserve to listen as their children died of illness in prison cells one floor below theirs, and did they also deserve the guillotine? No more than those who subjected them to it. Bad PR was Antoinette's downfall. Oh, and she never said, "Let them eat cake." None can substantiate the quote.

Antoinette's naiveté and isolation led to centuries of villainization. So there's my historical soapbox of the day! But all in all, she wore awesome clothes, had huge hair, and rocked the best kicks. I want to be her one day...just for one day.
So who are YOU going as this Halloween?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Save the Tatas but Cover the Crotch!

Despite my tireless rant against the crime of wearing jeggings, I do, on the other hand, lurve leggings and lurve it even more that they’re back in mode. I’ve witnessed an unfortunate many abusing the use of leggings, though. Keep in mind, fellow pursuers of fashionably correct ensembles, leggings are NOT pants.

This is not a weight issue. Many girls weighing in at 80lbs. or less seem to believe that special legging rules apply to them. News flash, camel toe is unattractive regardless of weight and/or body type.
Now is a prosperous time for tunics and short skirts, and they are begging to be paired with leggings, hence veiling your lady parts in the most flattering of manners. If you are one of the offending ladies, who weighs nearly nothing and, therefore, believes that your crotch is the cutest thing ever and should be on display for all to enjoy, heed my warning. Your crotch still looks like a crotch…because that’s what it is. You cannot anatomically alter its appearance regardless of how much black spandex you tightly swaddle it in. Are we clear?

That issue aside, I do love the amount of creativity currently going into leggings.

For example, I love:

Nordstrom Capri Leggings

Lace Leggings by Alexander McQueen

Printed Leggings also by Alexander McQueen

I even kinda love these Nordstrom Over the Heel Leggings
Just remember, Ladies. Leggings can be great, but crotch flashing will always be bad.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fashionably Inked (Tattoo Tuesday)

This past year I sporadically watched season three of Shear Genius because, besides shoes, I am obsessed with hair. The calculated drama drove me crazy, though, hence the "sporadically". I kept my eye on the competition because I wanted Janine Jarman to win on a profound level, but she took second place much to my chagrin.

After considering the rationale behind my desire for her victory, I think it had as much to do with her own cultivated "look" as with her talent for hair design. She is one of those rare girls who can proportionately mix femininity and ecclectic punk without looking too literal or overdone.

If I lived in LA, I would have definite plans to visit her salon, Hairroin, if only to view in person her shoulder tattoo that kept my eyes glued to the TV screen.

Pictures found on Hairroin's Blog
Jarman says that the heart doilies were inspired by her grandmother, and the tattoo design overall was influenced by her favorite artist Kukula.

I love the novelty coupled with significant symbolism.

Bravo, Janine! I would choose you to style my hair any day before Jonathan Antin. He doesn't have a cool doily tattoo.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lord, can I please have a longer pair?

Apparently when our all-knowing Lord knitted me in my mother's womb, He thought it best to balance out my lengthy torso with unfortunately short legs. Look, I'm not questioning your work, Lord, but in all your omniscience, I wish you would have considered the hardships I would endure in attempting to acquire proper fitting jeans.

Or maybe your Refiner's Fire is creating in me a stronger character, but my heart does break a bit each time I see a picture of the new fall trend that I know I won't be able to pull off but will try to anyway.
Found at Urban Outfitters
Oh, how I long for knee high boots paired with scrunched knee high stockings.

I'm doing it! Short legs or nay!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashion Forum Friday: Rock the Republic Edition

In honor of Rock the Republic 2010, which started last night in downtown Bryan and will continue to deliver countless bands at infinite venues for the next two evenings and which you'd be crazy not to attend, I want to know: What is your favorite concert attire?

I am always confronted with aggravation and indecision when required to commit to a concert ensemble. Usually it all boils down to the shoes.

A sample of my inner dialogue:

Fashion focused me: "I should wear heels. Music and fashion are mutually inclusive so I need to rock some stilettos."
Voice of Reason: "Your feet are going to needlessly hurt because nobody will be looking at them. Nobody cares if you wear heels or not."
Fashion focused me: "But, Voice of Reason, I care! If I wear flats, I just know I'll regret it. And then I'll grow resentful of you and your controlling ways."
Voice of Reason: "The only thing you're going to regret is the distracting pain shooting through the balls of  your feet. I only have your best interest in mind."
Fashion focused me: "No, Voice of Reason! You were always jealous of my love for heels and now you're trying to sabotage our relationship! Well, I won't have it! If I can't wear heels, I'm not going!"
Voice of Reason: "That's just fine; I'll remember that when you come limping home at 10pm while all of your friends, who chose to wear flats, enjoy the music until the wee small hours of the morning."

Heels usually win in the end, and my feet suffer...but they look great!

If I could choose any pair of shoes for the remaining RTR events, I would probably choose these:
L.A.M.B. Hidden Platform Suede Pump
Besides, they were fashioned by Gwen Stefani, and if she doesn't know prudent concert shoes, who does?

So if you are going to RTR this weekend, or just wish you could, what kind of shoes would you pick?
Heels or flats?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fashion vs. the Flu

I did it! I braved my yearly flu shot, today! The vaccination's in my body, and though I'm feeling slightly nauseated due to the sensation of the medicine permeating my muscle, I am glad. But yuck!

Perhaps I would be distracted from the sensation if only the Blinn Nursing Dept. had chosen to use more fashion forward band-aids. Such as these:

I love band-aid and I love Cynthia Rowley! Who wouldn't want to get a flu shot if such bandages were offered as reparation?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fashionably Inked (i.e. Tattooed Tuesday)

Many ink enthusiasts view their tattoo artist as I view my hairstylist; to even consider scheduling an appointment with another would be hardly different than lusting after another man and engaging in a shameful, clandestine affair. We've "dated" and now my locks are committed wholeheartedly to Marci Cutler. A capricious tryst with a different stylist could easily result in a damaged relationship between me and my hair. (For example, haphazard curls matted down to my scalp less than an hour before my sister's wedding.) We're still rebuilding our relationship (yes, my hair and I have a legitimate relationship) despite the trauma of betrayal.

When it comes to tattoo artists, though, I'm rather loose. Show me a design and technique pleasing to my own aesthetics coupled with a consistently good rep, and I'll show you some skin. (insert immature giggle here) Yay for risqué doublespeak!

Immature euphemisms aside, I liken a tattoo to a piece of art one would hang in a home. If I choose to display paintings by different artists on the walls of my abode, why would I not choose diverse tattoo artists to decorate my skin?

Having obtained renderings from Mike C. of Tattoo Consortium and Derek from Poking You, my next goal is to travel over to Austin in the hopes of getting inked by Jesse Gordon.

I have no current plans to be covered in ink and appreciate that I can easily conceal what I already have. Still, I am convinced that I need to find an inconspicuous location for the following tattoo:

You can view more of Jesse Gordon's work at!/jesse.a.gordon

Monday, October 18, 2010

But we will take the pair of Gucci

Saturday was one of my favorite kind of days, as it consisted of nothing but shopping with B followed by over consumption of tapas.

Heeding Kimberly Wolfe's advice, we set a course for Houston to visit the Texas Junk Co. in the hope of finding really cool, vintage boots. And boots did we find but none in my size.

And speaking of cowboy boot sizing, I'm more confused than ever in regards to what size I would actually wear. I understand waffling a half size or so depending on style or brand, but 6.5 to 9 is a range I'm not prepared to deal with. Guess I won't be purchasing a pair of Old Gringos online anytime soon.

Bootless, we stopped by Buffalo Exchange where our fashion spirits were lifted by B's discovery of ivory Gucci horsebit loafers.

They look quite similar to this.
 According to the cashier, one of the Astro's wives stopped by to sell quite a few of his high-priced items. Yay for her! And yay for Buffalo Exchange!

And yay for tapas!

No yay for Monday, though...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fashion Forum Friday: Audience Participation Day!

Like many, I suffer from a chronic inclination to buy more shoes, handbags, and sunglasses than I will ever need in this lifetime. They always fit!

I already own two pairs of Marc Jacobs shades so I realized that I couldn't spend as much as I would prefer upon acquiring a pair that would mimic Holly Golightly's.

Enter TJ Maxx, blessed vessel of discounted brands!

I can now saunter around B/CS wearing all black and exclaiming "Quel Rat!" at my leisure. And I look forward to that very activity this weekend with the assitance of this pair of Betsey Johnson's!

What is everyone else looking forward to sporting whilst out and about enjoying this fine weather over the weekend?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh, B/CS. You and your infectious western stylings, You!

Whenever I think of girls in cowboy boots, negative images of Britney Spears and Drew Barrymore in Poison Ivy flood my mind's eye. I have NOT been on board with that look.

The week before last, B asserted his dire need for appropriate workboots that he wouldn't fear scuffing up on worksites, and we set out to satiate his boot appetite. Well, the requisite for workboots slowly morphed into a predilection for something awesome-looking because, and even I have to admit, there were some awesome looking boots there (there being Cavenders)!

B settled on pair manufactored by Ariat, a company that specializes in both English and Western riding boots. Not that we're purchasing horses anytime soon, but...they looked really cool.
After he settled on his pair, I submitted a mild suggestion that we see what we could find in the Ladies Dept. You know...just in case I ever need to help on a worksite...

I don't have boots, yet, but I'm becoming more and more convinced that I may need a pair. Any by "a pair", I mean these by Old Gringo.

What is living in B/CS doing to me? First Tom's and now western boots? I'm not jumping on the Wrangler's band wagon anytime soon, but I think I could swing "cowboy vintage".

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Peony Tattoo Update

Normally, I would reserve this for next Tuesday, but my impatience has bested me. Last night my friend Jess got to see my new ink for the first time in the flesh....or on the flesh. A tattoo enthusiast herself, she was supportive of my idea from the beginning and ready to see the finished results.

Upon the big reveal, her countenance was one of excited approval and...shock. Upon examining it closely, she claimed that my previous pictures didn't do the tattoo justice. I reviewed them, and she's absolutely right! The protective layer of scabbing that almost immediately forms over new tats looked like it had bathed in pepto-bismol.

It's been two weeks since I first received my new design, and the healing process has definitely unveiled a work of art.

I'm bragging on Derek over at Poking You, of course. The design was my concept but he brought it to life through many intricacies.

 Yay for being able to shave that part of my leg!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fashionably Inked (i.e. Tattooed Tuesday)

After taking a week off from blogging, I almost forgot my recent proposal to feature tattoos I find intriguing at least once a week.

My Goal: An attempt to cultivate an appreciation for good tattoos. To acknowledge permanent ink as a legitimate art form and the influence tattooing has in fashion.

My thoughts on tattoos meant to shock, gross out, or encourage negativity and rebelliousness...I'm not impressed.

Even if a tattoo displays excellent artistic's my analogy. You can wear well constructed parachute pants, but you're still wearing parachute pants: Bad Decision. You can exhibit a well drawn out, exceptionally executed tattoo of  Daffy Duck flipping everyone the bird, but you still look like a moron...even if Corey Miller himself tattooed it on your left butt cheek. Bad Decision.

I realize I am commentating on my own biased tattoo aesthetic when I present certain designs. I have seen many tattoos, though, that are exceptional but not examples of something I would have placed on my body. Therefore, feel free to email me pics or ideas of tattoos that you think are appealing at
I love to hear what others think!

To begin: I am currently obsessed with chandelier tattoos. I looooove the idea! I have seriously felt drawn to this particular concept as of late, but I have to let the idea percolate for a bit before I can commit forever and ever.

I like to have a reason behind why I would get a tattoo that is a bit more profound than, "It looks cool." Not that something looking cool is a poor reason for considering it, but what idea will it perpetuate in the long run. I think stilettos with a hidden platform are the cat's meow currently; will I feel the same at fifty? Likely, but I'm not gonna get a tattoo of a pair. No long term depth is conveyed.

Here's the profoundness I'm kind of in love with in regards to a chandelier tattoo:
"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven."-Matthew 5:14-16.

That, my friends, is a concept I will gladly marry myself to. So, should I ever brave the chandelier tat, the verse above will be my response should someone ask the meaning.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Necessity is, indeed, the mother of Invention.

My wedding-themed sojourn in DFW left me with many details to convey but with little energy to deliver. After arriving home roughly around 11pm, I greeted my alarm clock with a vacant stare void of any recognition after what seemed to be merely five minutes later. I was further dismayed upon finding that the elementary school near my house was not in session, today. One would ordinarily be pleased to avoid a school zone upon rushing to work, but my ire was encouraged by the realization that the parents and children normally facing the harsh realization of morning incoherency were still at home in their pajamas. A pox on you and your Monday off, Mary Branch Elementary!

Anyhow, as promised….

A picture of Juliana’s lovely Galina bridal gown. (I didn’t have a moment to think, much less bring a camera of my own.)

And while we can all agree that Juliana’s dress is an absolutely gorgeous choice with its sweetheart neckline in ivory taffeta, can we take a moment to discuss my hair…

Yep, that's me with my back to the camera...and that's what my hair looked like.
Now, when I say that necessity is the mother of invention, I mean that when someone royally fouls up my hair a mere hour before I need to be in the limo headed towards my sister’s wedding, I will manage a mediocre updo with minor panicking involved. (To those of you present for the said “minor” panicking, I assure you that my level of emotion was quite composed compared to the inner storm of emotions that raged in my gut.)

So, my hair was far from perfect. No names shall be uttered, as I’ve seen wonderful work produced by a certain anonymous hairstylist, but the tedious construction of the messy, matted down mixture of curls and sticky-outy pieces was nothing short of tragic. Thanks to a plethora of bobby pins and a gallon of hair spray, no one pointed and laughed as I tripped down the aisle.

In the stylists’ defense, we never had time for a run through, and I don’t have the easiest hair to work with. And my life was not ruined.

Needless to say, though, I would have greatly appreciated it if the person would have just stopped roughly 20 minutes in and said, “Look, this is not going to work….how do you feel about a straightening iron?”

“I feel quite compliant, as I am not anxious to look like a Grandma who got drunk before putting in her hair rollers and sleeping in them for a month,” would have been my reply.

Oh well, my hair was haphazardly pinned up, I had a glass of wine, and life continued. The wedding was beautiful and fun, and Juliana had little trouble being the prettiest girl there.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Dearly Beloved

We have gathered here today in acknowledgement of Sarabeth’s unfortunate but necessary week-long blog hiatus.

My little sister is getting married this coming Friday! My duties as Matron of Honor require full attention this week. Not to mention finishing up a Maroon Weekly article before I leave town…and that pesky fulltime advising job.

I think it necessary, therefore, to take a blog break, but I assure you that more writing shenanigans will resume a week from today and hopefully with wedding pictures.

Only 14 months ago were B and I exchanging vows, and while I never ever ever ever ever ever ever want to plan a wedding of my own ever ever ever ever ever ever again, and while I lurved my gown, I can’t help but imagine what I would choose to wear a second time around, i.e. vow renewal….not husband renewal.

I’ve definitely gotten the 103,000 lb. ball gown out of my system and would love to don a tea length bridal gown a la Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. I stumbled across the design house, Stephanie James, and….well…(I can’t say “I. Die.” because I’m fairly certain that Rachel Zoe has the phrase copyrighted by now) I experience severe heart palpitations upon viewing the collection.

Hey, it’s not like I can discuss Juliana’s wedding dress before the actual day. I’ll have to embellish upon that next Monday. So why not express my own “would if I could” wedding gown ardor.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fashion Forum Friday: Audience Participation Day!

A rarely uneventful weekend approaches, and I am euphoric. No plans other than hanging out with the dogs and giving this massive self-induced but really really pretty wound on my leg down time to heal. Yowzers! This tattoo’s healing process is definitely more painful than my last two. Mainly due to the fact that I have no choice but to utilize the muscles around it to walk, I believe. Annoying but worth it.

As my Saturday is devoid of any pressing events, my fashion forum item of the week is my new hairstyle. Cut: slightly altered. Color: totally different.

Seriously, Marci Cutler and her crew are just amazing! She immediately understood what I was trying to achieve with my bangs despite my inability to articulate my thoughts well. We decided to start with a very subtle baby bang so I could style it and wear it myself before deciding if we needed to go shorter. I think I will call later to see if I can pop in sometime today to get them tapered just a bit more. I love the shape the slight fringe is creating, but I do believe I want it a bit more defined….just a bit.

The fact that Marci was able to get my shade of red to this ash-toned blond without damaging my hair is incredible! If anyone has naturally reddish undertones in their hair and has attempted to go blond, well, you know how quickly you can look like a malnourished orange. Therefore, not only were we combating my hair’s natural red tones, but the chemically enhanced red tones as well. The results were fab-U-lous! She foiled the hair at my crown and colored the hair below a shade darker than my natural color, as I predict that it will fade a bit.

Marci Cutler, renderer of hair miracles! Go see her at!

Alright, Party People, what are you wearing this weekend? Or, of course, what do you wish you could wear?

Schönes Wochenende!