Monday, October 18, 2010

But we will take the pair of Gucci

Saturday was one of my favorite kind of days, as it consisted of nothing but shopping with B followed by over consumption of tapas.

Heeding Kimberly Wolfe's advice, we set a course for Houston to visit the Texas Junk Co. in the hope of finding really cool, vintage boots. And boots did we find but none in my size.

And speaking of cowboy boot sizing, I'm more confused than ever in regards to what size I would actually wear. I understand waffling a half size or so depending on style or brand, but 6.5 to 9 is a range I'm not prepared to deal with. Guess I won't be purchasing a pair of Old Gringos online anytime soon.

Bootless, we stopped by Buffalo Exchange where our fashion spirits were lifted by B's discovery of ivory Gucci horsebit loafers.

They look quite similar to this.
 According to the cashier, one of the Astro's wives stopped by to sell quite a few of his high-priced items. Yay for her! And yay for Buffalo Exchange!

And yay for tapas!

No yay for Monday, though...


  1. I'm sorry you didn't find any boots. Their selection waxes and wanes. Good thing Buffalo Exchange pulled through.

  2. P.S. Rachel, Buffalo Exchange is a really cool second hand store. They appear to get in younger more stylish clothes. They have one here in Dallas too and we have had fun shopping there for a few years. You need to get Sarabeth to take you there!

  3. sb,

    as far as boot sizes go...i am a 6.5 b but i tried a pair of old gringos on the other night at cavendars and could not get them on and I have tiny feet so alas id probably need a 7. My black justins you complimented that day at church are a 7. I am glad i never tried buying a new pair for real and happened upon a 5$ goodwill find in a 7 because any smaller wouldnt have fit up over my calfs...

    best of luck in your boot hunt. i can see you rockin a pencil skirt/pearl snapped shirt and fancy cowboy boots ;)