Friday, October 1, 2010

Fashion Forum Friday: Audience Participation Day!

A rarely uneventful weekend approaches, and I am euphoric. No plans other than hanging out with the dogs and giving this massive self-induced but really really pretty wound on my leg down time to heal. Yowzers! This tattoo’s healing process is definitely more painful than my last two. Mainly due to the fact that I have no choice but to utilize the muscles around it to walk, I believe. Annoying but worth it.

As my Saturday is devoid of any pressing events, my fashion forum item of the week is my new hairstyle. Cut: slightly altered. Color: totally different.

Seriously, Marci Cutler and her crew are just amazing! She immediately understood what I was trying to achieve with my bangs despite my inability to articulate my thoughts well. We decided to start with a very subtle baby bang so I could style it and wear it myself before deciding if we needed to go shorter. I think I will call later to see if I can pop in sometime today to get them tapered just a bit more. I love the shape the slight fringe is creating, but I do believe I want it a bit more defined….just a bit.

The fact that Marci was able to get my shade of red to this ash-toned blond without damaging my hair is incredible! If anyone has naturally reddish undertones in their hair and has attempted to go blond, well, you know how quickly you can look like a malnourished orange. Therefore, not only were we combating my hair’s natural red tones, but the chemically enhanced red tones as well. The results were fab-U-lous! She foiled the hair at my crown and colored the hair below a shade darker than my natural color, as I predict that it will fade a bit.

Marci Cutler, renderer of hair miracles! Go see her at!

Alright, Party People, what are you wearing this weekend? Or, of course, what do you wish you could wear?

Schรถnes Wochenende!


  1. Adorable cut -- I love it (and, have you lost weight?).

    Now . . . where are picks of the TATTOO?

  2. Thanks! Glad you like it! The tattoo is kind of a goopy mess so not ready for new pics. I did post pics in yesterday's entry, though.
    As for weight...Lord only knows. Up one day;down the next. I did use your "angle the camera slightly above you" trick.

  3. Cleaning my room tonight : ( So. Shorts and a tee.

    Girls night tomorrow...maybe something flashy, with sequins? Haha! Who knows...

    Or perhaps a cute, fitted jacket with a brightly-colored something underneath! Boots? Flats? Necklace? Earrings? Aughh!

  4. Tonight I am going to a greek festival (of course, because that's all greeks do, after all) so I've got black skinny jeans with a black and white gingham tank. I got it at anthropologie and it has a bow, which means I love it. Strappy sandals or flats, I haven't decided yet.

    Tomorrow I am working (lame) so it's going to be dirty jeans and a button up work shirt. Even though I'm dirty at work I still like to feel like a person, so I'll probably wear one of those plaid shirts that scream hipster.

  5. Yay, Greek Festival! I want to go to one...and I also need to get some black skinny jeans speaking of