Friday, October 15, 2010

Fashion Forum Friday: Audience Participation Day!

Like many, I suffer from a chronic inclination to buy more shoes, handbags, and sunglasses than I will ever need in this lifetime. They always fit!

I already own two pairs of Marc Jacobs shades so I realized that I couldn't spend as much as I would prefer upon acquiring a pair that would mimic Holly Golightly's.

Enter TJ Maxx, blessed vessel of discounted brands!

I can now saunter around B/CS wearing all black and exclaiming "Quel Rat!" at my leisure. And I look forward to that very activity this weekend with the assitance of this pair of Betsey Johnson's!

What is everyone else looking forward to sporting whilst out and about enjoying this fine weather over the weekend?


  1. Saturday was a banquet and an art gallery opening! I went bold: saucy red dress, purple flower in my hair, statement necklace, purple bangle, sparkly studs in my ears and beautiful pumps : )

    For the gallery, I added a colorful red, purple, gray, and black watercolor cardigan--and gray flats.

    To be honest, I felt very conspicuous...but there were some artists and photographers who "loved my look" and wanted to photograph me!

    So...that's lovely. And a free photo shoot to boot? : )

  2. *Amendment: I felt awkward because at both events, there was an abundance of black, white, and very subdued tones and soft colors.

    I WOULD bust onto the scene in a blazing red dress! Haha! But I definitely stood out, so that's fine with me : )

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