Friday, October 29, 2010

Fashion Forum Friday: Halloween Edition

 I don’t have any solid Halloween plans, and I don’t really have a new costume. Regardless, I still love Halloween weekend; it’s the perfect segue into Thanksgiving and Christmas…and cooler weather! I love/hate when the natives complain about the freezing (i.e. 50º F) weather here. And, yes, I am an original Dallasite, born and raised, but a five year stint in Colorado Springs as a child fostered in me a love for snow and a proper need for fire places.

I do possess a small arsenal of clothing that could easily morph into some sort of costume concoction so I’m not too concerned should impulsive plans present themselves. But if I had loads of money to spend on a costume made based on standards of mediocrity, which I don’t, I would spend even more of it to acquire a well made costume similar to this:
I vow to one day masquerade as Marie Antoinette, one of my favorite female historical figures. Her husband's impotency issue and consequential lack of children for several years left her with fashion as her main distraction. Once Louis figured that mess out, they had some kids and grew up a bit. Unfortunately, the social and political climate of France was severely polarized, and Louis and Marie were too removed and performed too little too late before a disorganized, at best, revolution ensued. Were they visionary monarchies? No. Were they victims of ancient aristocratic customs and rituals? Yes. Did they deserve to listen as their children died of illness in prison cells one floor below theirs, and did they also deserve the guillotine? No more than those who subjected them to it. Bad PR was Antoinette's downfall. Oh, and she never said, "Let them eat cake." None can substantiate the quote.

Antoinette's naiveté and isolation led to centuries of villainization. So there's my historical soapbox of the day! But all in all, she wore awesome clothes, had huge hair, and rocked the best kicks. I want to be her one day...just for one day.
So who are YOU going as this Halloween?

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  1. Katy Perry's character in her SNL skit "Bronx Beat"-- you can watch it here:

    Happy Halloween!