Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashion Forum Friday: Rock the Republic Edition

In honor of Rock the Republic 2010, which started last night in downtown Bryan and will continue to deliver countless bands at infinite venues for the next two evenings and which you'd be crazy not to attend, I want to know: What is your favorite concert attire?

I am always confronted with aggravation and indecision when required to commit to a concert ensemble. Usually it all boils down to the shoes.

A sample of my inner dialogue:

Fashion focused me: "I should wear heels. Music and fashion are mutually inclusive so I need to rock some stilettos."
Voice of Reason: "Your feet are going to needlessly hurt because nobody will be looking at them. Nobody cares if you wear heels or not."
Fashion focused me: "But, Voice of Reason, I care! If I wear flats, I just know I'll regret it. And then I'll grow resentful of you and your controlling ways."
Voice of Reason: "The only thing you're going to regret is the distracting pain shooting through the balls of  your feet. I only have your best interest in mind."
Fashion focused me: "No, Voice of Reason! You were always jealous of my love for heels and now you're trying to sabotage our relationship! Well, I won't have it! If I can't wear heels, I'm not going!"
Voice of Reason: "That's just fine; I'll remember that when you come limping home at 10pm while all of your friends, who chose to wear flats, enjoy the music until the wee small hours of the morning."

Heels usually win in the end, and my feet suffer...but they look great!

If I could choose any pair of shoes for the remaining RTR events, I would probably choose these:
L.A.M.B. Hidden Platform Suede Pump
Besides, they were fashioned by Gwen Stefani, and if she doesn't know prudent concert shoes, who does?

So if you are going to RTR this weekend, or just wish you could, what kind of shoes would you pick?
Heels or flats?


  1. fffffffffffffffffffffffflats....come on, I looked hot in my Ciao Bella boots. And, my feet still loved me at the end of the night. =)

  2. I wore nude heels last night, felt good until dancing at GRO. those but nude. Tonight will be a boots night.

  3. I went to see Maroon 5 and One Republic for my birthday last night!

    I was wearing jeans and a gray sequined tank top (it was my birthday, after all!) and silver sequined flats, accompanied by an oversized faux pearl necklace and rhinestone studs.

    The flats were a great idea--it was an outdoor concert at the center : )

  4. I wend with flats all weekend... especially with the un-even ground of some of the venues! I just jazzed it up my makeup instead (: