Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fashionably Inked (i.e. Tattooed Tuesday)

Many ink enthusiasts view their tattoo artist as I view my hairstylist; to even consider scheduling an appointment with another would be hardly different than lusting after another man and engaging in a shameful, clandestine affair. We've "dated" and now my locks are committed wholeheartedly to Marci Cutler. A capricious tryst with a different stylist could easily result in a damaged relationship between me and my hair. (For example, haphazard curls matted down to my scalp less than an hour before my sister's wedding.) We're still rebuilding our relationship (yes, my hair and I have a legitimate relationship) despite the trauma of betrayal.

When it comes to tattoo artists, though, I'm rather loose. Show me a design and technique pleasing to my own aesthetics coupled with a consistently good rep, and I'll show you some skin. (insert immature giggle here) Yay for risqué doublespeak!

Immature euphemisms aside, I liken a tattoo to a piece of art one would hang in a home. If I choose to display paintings by different artists on the walls of my abode, why would I not choose diverse tattoo artists to decorate my skin?

Having obtained renderings from Mike C. of Tattoo Consortium and Derek from Poking You, my next goal is to travel over to Austin in the hopes of getting inked by Jesse Gordon.

I have no current plans to be covered in ink and appreciate that I can easily conceal what I already have. Still, I am convinced that I need to find an inconspicuous location for the following tattoo:

You can view more of Jesse Gordon's work at http://www.facebook.com/#!/jesse.a.gordon

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