Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fashionably Inked (Tattoo Tuesday)

This past year I sporadically watched season three of Shear Genius because, besides shoes, I am obsessed with hair. The calculated drama drove me crazy, though, hence the "sporadically". I kept my eye on the competition because I wanted Janine Jarman to win on a profound level, but she took second place much to my chagrin.

After considering the rationale behind my desire for her victory, I think it had as much to do with her own cultivated "look" as with her talent for hair design. She is one of those rare girls who can proportionately mix femininity and ecclectic punk without looking too literal or overdone.

If I lived in LA, I would have definite plans to visit her salon, Hairroin, if only to view in person her shoulder tattoo that kept my eyes glued to the TV screen.

Pictures found on Hairroin's Blog
Jarman says that the heart doilies were inspired by her grandmother, and the tattoo design overall was influenced by her favorite artist Kukula.

I love the novelty coupled with significant symbolism.

Bravo, Janine! I would choose you to style my hair any day before Jonathan Antin. He doesn't have a cool doily tattoo.


  1. Thank you for writing this! She is my favorite hairstylist as well! She got robbed on Shear Genius I thought as well. Also, a side note Janine actually took 2nd, and won $10,000 for fan favorite! Beautiful Blog by the way!

  2. I remember the fan favorite win, which I think speaks volumes as to why she should have won! Thanks for reminding me about the 2nd place win, though! I was so distraught I blocked out the details and assumed the worst ;-)

  3. I go to Hairroin! I love Janine, her beautiful ink and her sexy hairdo's! Hairroin is worth the trip! Tons of great Tattoos, and Shoes rolling around that Salon!

    Great Blog! XO