Thursday, October 28, 2010

Save the Tatas but Cover the Crotch!

Despite my tireless rant against the crime of wearing jeggings, I do, on the other hand, lurve leggings and lurve it even more that they’re back in mode. I’ve witnessed an unfortunate many abusing the use of leggings, though. Keep in mind, fellow pursuers of fashionably correct ensembles, leggings are NOT pants.

This is not a weight issue. Many girls weighing in at 80lbs. or less seem to believe that special legging rules apply to them. News flash, camel toe is unattractive regardless of weight and/or body type.
Now is a prosperous time for tunics and short skirts, and they are begging to be paired with leggings, hence veiling your lady parts in the most flattering of manners. If you are one of the offending ladies, who weighs nearly nothing and, therefore, believes that your crotch is the cutest thing ever and should be on display for all to enjoy, heed my warning. Your crotch still looks like a crotch…because that’s what it is. You cannot anatomically alter its appearance regardless of how much black spandex you tightly swaddle it in. Are we clear?

That issue aside, I do love the amount of creativity currently going into leggings.

For example, I love:

Nordstrom Capri Leggings

Lace Leggings by Alexander McQueen

Printed Leggings also by Alexander McQueen

I even kinda love these Nordstrom Over the Heel Leggings
Just remember, Ladies. Leggings can be great, but crotch flashing will always be bad.


  1. Thank you!!! I appreciate you pointing out this huge glaring dilema that has cropped up.


  2. Laughing so out loud. You are killing me.