Friday, November 5, 2010

Fashion Forum Friday: Audience Participation Day!

Tonight B and I will be Dallas bound for Juliana's baby shower this Sunday. When I offered to throw her one, I was vastly relieved when she said yes to that and no to shower games.

Huge sigh of relief!

I can almost hear current moms and moms-to-be gasp on horror. "No shower games! But everyone enjoys tasting melted mounds of chocolate and nuts served in diapers!" No. No we don't. And neither do you. In fact, most people loath baby showers for this very reason.

Okay, okay. I realize there are some odd individuals out there who enjoy the games, and far be it from me to steal your joy. I'll play your games at your baby shower with forced enthusiasm and veiled frustration. In the mean time, I'll enjoy hosting a slightly more swanky, grown up type of shindig this Sunday.

Tonight and Saturday will be reserved for finalizing details and relaxing in Mom's new jacuzzi. Therefore, my Fashion Forum Friday pick, while slightly out of season, is even more frightening due to its innate nature and existence as a....swimsuit.... AAAHHHHHH!
I'm looking forward to wearing my Victoria's Secret swimsuit with its cute sailboat print, and I promise that this is EXACTLY what I look like in it.....what you don't believe me? Yeah, you're right. Fortunately I'll just be around my mom and my husband; otherwise I wouldn't have the temerity to expose my begrudgingly inherited "Sutton" thighs....oh well.

Look, the sad truth is that Victoria's Secret models don't even look like Victoria's Secret models. It's time that we stop beating ourselves up over swimsuit season....or any other wardrobe season for that matter. I'm saying this mainly to remind myself, but if you live in regret over the shape of your body, here's a reminder. God made that body down to the very DNA. He is quite appreciative of his work and would prefer a bit more praise from us. We are perfect in our imperfections, and it's time that we enjoy a jacuzzi regardless of who may or may not be present. Rock your cellulite with pride! Woohoo, go cellulite! (I'm secretly hoping that cellulite only enjoys negative attention so my positive thoughts might force it to leave....or I'll just feel better about having it if nothing else.)

What are you looking forward to wearing this weekend? Alternate question: What is your favorite swimsuit?

Bon Weekend!


  1. Cute swimsuit.

    And glad you didn't make it to my Baby Shower . . . you would have been miserable. ;)

  2. Yeah, too bad that pesky honeymoon got in the way! Actually I would have gladly attended and played baby games. I'm all about supporting what the guest of honor wants to do. I can put my game curmudgeonish aside when requested.

  3. You know, I hate games. Period. Unless they're word-related: Taboo, Scattegories, Catchphrase... but beyond that, I just generally dislike games. Shower games, icebreaker games...ugh. That's the fastest way to ruin an event for me, sadly.

    This weekend, Hannah and I are doing worship at a women's conference--so something cute and polished-- maybe a blazer and some bling around my neck, cute jeans and my guitar! : )

  4. No shower games! I hate them. What's the point? Ugh.

    I will not be wearing a swimsuit this weekend, but you go and rock yours!

  5. I am so with you Esther! Hate games!

  6. i love you you are so cute! if you made your blog into a book i would read it. well what i have been looking forward too i wore last night:) my skinny jeans tan fringe cowboy boots and my blue with white polka dots t shirt dress:) have fun this weekend girl! drive safe!