Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fashionably Inked: Tattoo Tuesday

There are days when I sit back and think, “You know, if someone told me I’d be publishing my own insipid intelligent thoughts online for a public forum a mere five years ago, I would have told that person to get on out of here and shut the front door. That’s crazy talk.” And then I feel a gratifying sense of accomplishment for the few months of consistent writing to which I’ve dedicated myself and which people seem to be reading.

Today is not one of those days.

Today is a day that I stumble upon yet another grown up, sophisticated, artistic, creative blog produced by another writer who shares similar interests and has mastered a supreme level of blogdom. Today, another more experienced blog is putting my baby blog to shame.

Rachel, of the illustrious FollowingInMyShoes.com, keeps me updated on interesting blogs, articles, and Real Housewives of Whatever Arbitrary City Bravo Has Chosen (we watch that exclusively for social research…definitely not for cheap entertainment). Today, she directed me to A Beautiful Mess, a blog managed by writer, designer, great music-lover, and fellow tattoo enthusiast Elsie Flannigan. Elsie has consequently joined the ranks of who I want to be when I grow up along with Rachel, Jenny Lewis, C.S. Lewis, and Joshilyn Jackson.

Visit Elsie’s blog and enjoy her story, her shop called Red Velvet Art, and her really cool tattoos! Hers is an image I often idolize; she executes (exceptionally well) the quirky yet urbane look that calls for cute hair, vintage dresses, and feminine tattoos. I want to look like her but still like me ALL THE TIME!

I am beyond grateful to have any time whatsoever to write a blog as well as a published fashion column, but I often crave the talent and creativity others, such as Ms. Flannigan and Mrs. Lacy, possess, and don’t even get me started on my friend Neysa’s blog, Dissertation to Dirt. I do realize these and other individuals have chosen to dedicate more time and energy in developing their blogs; they didn’t sprinkle magic fairy dust onto their keyboards.

That’s the thing, though! Between advising, my small amounts of writing, visiting friends and family, corralling my dogs, and being married, I don’t know when I would do it. Rachel has two children for crying out loud! Elsie Flannigan runs a shop and creates merchandise with which to fill it! Neysa is growing a farm….literally. She’s, like, making stuff come out of the ground…in large amounts! I think they do have magic fairy keyboard dust…

Oh well. Maybe someday, I will sit myself down, read Blogging for Dummies, and alter my blog’s appearance and functionality for the better. Until then, I shall enjoy my small amount of writing, hunting for cool clothes and tattoos, and reading superhuman blogs written by the aforementioned superhumans.

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