Monday, November 15, 2010

Help me save Christmas! (Deluxe Monday Double Edition)

Actually, Christmas is fine and without need of saving.

I, on the other hand, require your assistance in research for my final Maroon Weekly article of the semester.

I need your opinions, your ideas, your insight, your wisdom, and if you could submit that to me in approximately 500 words, that would be ideal.

I kid. I'll write the article, but I honestly would like some feedback.

Leave a comment below describing how you would make an Ugly Sweater Party chic for the Christmas season. And I use "chic" loosely, here. I think we've officially moved out of the realm of "tasteful", but if Katy Perry can inspire fashion trends, much less leave her home in her cavity-inducing get ups, I think the Ugly Sweater Party has a chance.

Thank you to B. Lacy and Matthew Henry for modeling seasonal sweaters for us...unbeknownst to them. I actually like Matthew's quite a bit.
 Any and all ideas are welcome!

P.S. Can someone please tell Katy Perry to just stop it, already! Stop encouraging her; it's getting embarrassing.


  1. I don’t think I will much help here, however I have one comment for you. Even the ugliest attires can be “pulled off” by someone who has a great deal of confidence. Confidence is key to any outfit, also accessories help ;)
    Also, the photo above, I am loving both sweaters!

  2. Are you wanting ideas on how to thow a fun and stylish party for ugly sweaters? Because having a DJ and aa runway show to model the ugly sweaters would be awesome! I would come!

  3. That would be fun! Good thing I know a few good models ;-)
    Yes, any and all ideas are good! I haven't formulated how to write about it yet so I'm just absorbing other people's opinions and ideas.

  4. Well, I may be missing the mark a little, but here are my thoughts:

    It seems to me that the so-called "ugly sweater" has actually become quite trendy in recent years. Whether scouring a thrift store or Grandma's closet, it seems these sweaters are in high demand.

    Also, places like Urban Outfitters are making these sweaters popular again as well. Here is their take on the classic "ugly Christmas sweater" -,+product.marketingPriority&navCount=27&navAction=poppush&color=&pushId=W_APP_SWEATERS&popId=WOMENS&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=

    Here they have paired the sweater with some trendy skinny jeans and a pair of rockin' boots. And wa-la! Ugly is chic!

    And last, but not least. If throwing a party in honor of these ever so ugly sweaters, make things chic with this adorable invite -[0]=tags&includes[1]=title&filter[0]=handmade

  5. Love it! Keep em coming, guys! My deadline is Thursday at 5 so I still have a little research time left :-)