Thursday, November 18, 2010

IFB, I love you!

I’m retracing my internet steps from yesterday, and I can’t for the life of me remember how I stumbled across this gem (so sorry if it was you who graciously directed me there), but I am now officially registered with Independent Fashion! And I LURVE it so far….and I’m OVERWHELMED by it so far. I have been presented with a smorgasbord of information as it pertains to fashion blogging/bloggers!

Thus far the paramount benefit has been the expansion of my network; several writers have already checked out my baby blog and requested that I peruse their grown up blogs. The community appears to be a valuable resource for connecting with others, who entertain similar interests, and learning how to develop my own blogging style. (I just reread that paragraph and am now assuming that you are slumbering peacefully after scanning that trite description, but I’m a diminutive fish in a vast pond so wake up and get excited for me!)

IFB community, I am thrilled to be involved so bear with me while I sort out all of this exciting, yet intimidating, information. Thanks for having me!


  1. It's such a good way of promoting your blog!
    One quick question - where did you find the html code for the email this / blog this / share to twitter / share to facebook gadget at the bottom of your posts?

    Helen, X

  2. i agree!! iFB is such a wonderful place. so easy to meet and chat with fellow bloggers. =)

    thanks for your lovely comment and follow. am following you back!

    Vogue Gone Rogue