Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Last Ditch Effort (HELP!!!)

'Ello fellow fashion/ink/blog enthusiasts! (My inner dialogue decided to  affect a British accent this morning.)

Question #1: What do you think of the new domain and design? Is anyone having problems? I suppose it would be difficult to adequately answer that question if you are, in fact, having difficulties finding the blog...but try.

I'm switching Wednesday's normal subject, "Fashioned for Faithfulness", to tomorrow in an attempt to request any last minute ideas and opinions for my final Maroon Weekly article of the semester. Allow me to let you in on a secret, but shhhhh....don't tell my editor. I'm suffering writer's block pertaining to the subject: How to Make an Ugly Sweater Christmas/Winter Party Chic. Uhhhh.....everyone wear black sweaters and brink opera length cigarette holders? Well, that's a short article.

I've received a few great suggestions, and I am slowly formulating an outline, but if anyone else has something to contribute, let me know as soon as possible. My deadline is tomorrow so I need to get it written today! me think of famous chic, fashionable sweater icons or pictures. For instance, Marilyn Monroe was once photographed in a cable-knit sweater, which inspired a fashion wave.

Let's get away from Bill Cosby and Mr. Rogers; they're great guys but not so much "chic".

Or...if you can think of something amazing, original, and groundbreaking, let me know!

Any and all opinions are welcome! (Those pertaining to the chic ugly sweater party, that is, because I'm far too overwhelmed right now to hear your thoughts on the current head scarf famine crisis...oh yeah, it's going on, and we're all suffering silently.)


  1. the ugly sweater parties are fun, but hard if you're in the mood to be cute. asking to borrow a friend's sweater for one such party can also cause tragedy and broken friendships. however, i think your idea of making these parties chic is an excellent one! If i were doing this with my friends, i would suggest the following, 1)"Make It Work" - a competition to see who can make what would be an ugly sweater into the cutest outfit. (i'd be hard pressed to beat my gays in such a competition) 2) Professors & TA's - think pimps & ho's but educated and w/ cable knits. have everyone dress up as hot intellectuals and sweaters are a must!
    i hope that helps!

  2. Just found your blog & I think it's cute. :D
    I've never been to an ugly sweater party, but have always wanted to. Although I see it could be quite the challenge to look cute...