Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday is Monday

There’ll be no convincing myself that today is, in fact, Thursday (sniffle). I’ve been launched into a full-fledged work week that consists of five days in a row with my presence required from 8am to 5pm. BUT….the unfortunate demand on my schedule will only last for three weeks! Thank you, career in higher education, which provides ample Christmas vacation!

My authentic Monday is also accompanied by a need for dietary detox, but my most recent fashion obsession provides a sufficient amount of motivation to de-bloat my waistline. Let me tell you a little story…

After 48 hours of seclusion in the Texas hill country, Rachel, Ellie (Rachel’s three-year-old who might as well be a 23-year-old), and I decided to visit the bustling metropolis of Boerne this past Saturday. Urban sanctuary was it not, but gorgeous weather coupled with a quaint shopping strip proved adequate in satiating our need to socialize with beings beyond the age of 5.

We popped into a little bakery/coffee/sandwich shop sort of place for a bit of sustenance, and as I placed my order, I observed a young woman working behind the counter wearing a vintage floral a-line skirt with tights and worn boho boots.

I need…nay, DEMAND a skirt or two or seventeen similar to this:
Photo Source

Looks simple enough, right? I’m reluctant to assume that discovering a skirt with adequate proportions will be effortless. Sure, many skirts styled similarly populate any department store or boutique one might enter, but I find that they are often too short, too long, or too tight. For this look to work, I need the waist to fit at my actual waistline (otherwise known as “high-waisted” nowadays), the skirt to reach a length right above my knees, and the shape of the a-line to protrude voluminously away from the body without layers of tulle present to support the fabric.

Thus begins my fashion mission for the next couple of weeks: I shall locate at least one vintage floral a-line skirt to pair with leggings and my boho boots!

This look tends to be flattering for many body types so if you like it, go for it! Just remember…not too short, not too long, not too tight.

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