Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tattoo Tuesday/Fashion Forum Friday Double Feature

Today’s Tuesday is superior to all other Tuesdays due to its uncanny resemblance of a Friday. I am unable to distinguish which days’ event proves to be more exciting so we’ll just go with a mash up and celebrate Tattoo Tuesday and Fashion Forum Friday simultaneously. That, and I’ll be without internet access for the remainder of the week starting tomorrow; B and I will be nestled in the Texas hill country at his parents’ abode in Medina in celebration of Thanksgiving most likely until Sunday.

Tattoo Tuesday  Portion:
Remember when we discussed my mom's tattoo from LA Ink's High Voltage? Well, here's the newest version as rendered by...you guessed it, Derek at Poking You. We walked into the shop one Wednesday evening a couple of weeks ago only with the intention to discuss what Derek could possibly do to embellish the design. He did not want to touch the actual dogwood branch because it is a great tat, but the next thing we knew, he was free handing a mock up of a waterfall directly onto her skin. We decided that the best course of action would be to make the existing dogwood branch pop, and he more than achieved that effect by creating an almost blurred landscape in the background. The picture does not do the tattoo justice by any means, but at least you get the idea. He created an entirely new dimension, and the unfocused waterfall next to the sharp image of the dogwood growing out of rocks creates and optical illusion, which causes the eye to see moving water. He used absolutely no outline and no black ink.

So far, she's really pleased with the results, and I definitely think the overall design now possesses more thought and character. What do you guys think?

Fashion Forum Friday Portion:

Well, the temperature tomorrow should reach a frigid 81 degrees (I really miss authentic winter weather around the holidays), but we should be in the 60s by Friday, which makes me feel a bit more encouraged about my Fashion Forum Friday pick.
Photo Source
Is there an age at which one should stop wearing Juicy Couture? If there is...don't tell me about it because I love my boots and have been waiting all spring, summer, and fall to wear them. My parents gave them to me for my birthday last year, but warm spring weather had already befallen us by the time I received them. Besides, I vacillate quite oddly between extreme levels of hot and cold while on road trips, but my feet seem to remain perpetually icy once November hits. Hence, my Fashion Forum Friday (Tuesday) pick of the week.

What are you looking forward to sporting while eating Turkey and watching the Waterboy this Thanksgiving? What? Watching the Waterboy isn't a universal Thanksgiving tradition?

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! And see you next Monday :-)


  1. very very cute boots!


  2. We're hosting a lot of people for the holiday, so something...hostess-y. : ) There may be a headband involved. Or something with ruffles. Or sparkles. But certainly, it will be something comfortable and easy to wear, because I'll be all over the place tomorrow!

  3. I'll be super casual, watching Up! and eating a nice turkey noodle soup - but since I'm not from North America I'm exempt from the traditional turkey dinner (whew!)

    P.S I don't think there's ever an age to stop wearing something you really like. Except maybe culottes.