Friday, December 3, 2010

Fashion Forum Friday: "Can today get more embarrassing?" Edition

I readily welcome the conclusion of a week packed with personal awkwardness and embarrassing scenarios. Those of you who keep up with me on Facebook are already aware of the infamous “air burp at a student” encounter, which was immediately followed by the “display my slip for all of Blinn to see” fashion faux pas. It’s only 9:30 in the a.m., and I’m ready to pack it up and go home, for today shows no promise of improvement.

Feeling quite confident and ambitious, I decided to advise an unfortunate student before my proper intake of morning caffeine. Poor, poor soul. I listened to myself speak, appalled by the listless ramblings falling from my mouth. My inner dialogue screamed, “Shut up! SHUT UP!” but my weary brain rapidly pushed nonsensical phrases out into the open air. It. Was. Bad.

I ushered the unlucky student out of my office and set my mind to recompose my manner of discourse and countenance…by chugging approximately 2 gallons of coffee.

Feeling slightly improved, I decided the time was appropriate to compile media for today’s Fashion Forum Friday post. My excitement over the subject matter proved greater than normal, as I chose to wear my Fashion Forum ensemble to work. Alas, I had forgotten to have B take a picture this morning before departing for work. Determination and good intentions led to my next star-crossed meeting with mortification…

Before I narrate my attempts to produce a photo for today’s blog post, allow me to explain how one HVAC Blinn employee wandered into my office most unexpectedly.

Last night, I made an over abundance of cookies for tonight’s Maroon Weekly Christmas party using the notorious (due to an inauthentic urban myth) Neiman Marcus recipe.

The recipe yielded roughly 90 (really really really delicious) cookies so both B and I took a bundle to work to share. I placed my bag of cookies in the Science Building break room, grabbed my much needed cup of coffee, and headed back down the hall to my office with complete resolve to obtain a picture of my outfit…at least the bottom half of my outfit.

I realize how insignificantly helpful this shot is.
  Imagine an academic advisor sitting in various awkward positions behind her desk with her smart phone angled down toward her feet. Got a good visual going? Well, now you know exactly what said HVAC Blinn employee witnessed as he entered my office to tell me how much he enjoyed the NM cookies. I didn’t even try to explain or recover any sense of respectability. At that point…it was what it was. HORRIFYING. I thanked him kindly and told him that I was very glad he had enjoyed one. We parted ways never having mentioned my bizarre behavior upon his entry.

There you have it, people, and that’s all I got. I achieved my goal, which was to find a vintage-style skirt/dress to pair with leggings and boho boots...

…not that you can see it very well. If I ever recover my sense of self-respect, I’ll post a better pic later on. For now, I think I’ll just keep my head down and try to make it through the day without any other mortifying run ins. Although, I still have the Maroon Weekly party to attend, tonight, so plenty of time for more social awkwardness is at my disposal.

What are you looking forward to wearing this weekend? Also, do you have any embarrassing stories to relate out of commiseration and solidarity?

Bon Weekend!


  1. Your bottom half looks great!! As for embarrassing stories to share, I've got a doozy:

    Two weekends ago, I was sitting at home alone, watching a movie, enjoying my evening. I was wrapped up in a blanket and fully covered, except...I didn't have any pants on. Panties, yes, but

    TMI? Well, you asked for embarrassing moments, so I'm committed!

    Anyway, my movie was over and I was getting up to switch it out for another. I had, until this point, been sitting on the couch with my computer in my lap, wrapped in my blanket.

    At the *precise moment* that I rose from the couch to put my computer down and walk to the DVD player, one of my roommates walked in...with a friend...

    It was a stranger, too; not someone who knows me and how much I enjoy lounging in my house sans pants...*sigh*

    To add to my distress: I was in FULL view of the front door, with NO chance of disguising myself or my very, very bare (and embarrassingly ashy) legs! I was wearing socks, at least, but good grief--there's just no saving it. Game over!

    Well, she was a very formal, extremely shy and modest Japanese girl...she walked in with my roommate, as I stood there, immodestly, gaping at our unsuspecting visitor...there's just nothing like being LITERALLY caught with your pants down (or off, in my case).

    She squealed, "Oh!! OHHH!" and swiftly turned

    Well, at *this* point, I reasoned, I've got a few choices to make: either I can react in kind and dive back under the blanket (Nope. Too late--damage has already been done--full frontal exposure); I can flaunt my sassy stuff (not an option with ashy legs...terrible!) OR, I could make the best of it.

    So...I flashed a brilliant smile, introduced myself and stuck out my hand to be shaken... "Hi, I'm Esther! I'm sorry about the no pants thing...but if you're okay with it, I'm okay with it!"

    *Sigh* My goodness. Timing. Is. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

    So take heart--at least you were fully and fabulously clothed...enjoy an afternoon laugh at my expense...I certainly did ; )

  2. I love it! Too funny, Esther :-)

  3. you crack me up:) i am looking forward to my grey suede platform pumps. I wore them today and will continue this tonight at first friday. my feet may say you idiot why did you wear me out walking but as you would say who cares it's worth it for fashions sake! well something like that ;)

  4. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) i don't have any embarassing stories for you...

    This weekend I was mostly looking forward to wearing a duvet as a cape - having the flu means you have to take risk with your clothing!