Friday, December 10, 2010

Fashion Forum Friday: Clothes, Cupcakes, & A Contest (There's a prize!)

Happy Friday, everyone!

I wax joyful as we approach the last week before Christmas vacation!

I have a copious amount of pictures to share with you today, and therefore, I have decided to make this more of a picture entry and less of a "wordy" entry. Don't look so excited.

I also have a surprise for the first person in the B/CS/Houston area to tell me what they are excited about wearing today in the comment box below. See instructions at the bottom of this post.

First and foremost, I am a dork, and what's more, I am  impractical and don't learn from past shameful encounters. Regardless of last Friday's unfortunate incident, I remain hopelessly devoted to bringing my scads handful of readers breaking news and cutting edge media. My overall "look" for today is my Fashion Forum Friday submission:

Inner Dialogue: "How do you set this timer? Dang it!"

I'm too cool to look at the camera-Right Side

Still too cool to look at the camera and I don't care about things-Left Side
 Headband: Forever21
Blazer: Oxford & Regent
Shirt: The Gap
Skirt: American Eagle (it's ancient)
Leggings: Forever21
Boots: Nine West

So, per the usual schedule, tell me about what you are looking forward to wearing this weekend.

Fun Friday Edition:
 I made more cupcakes! I had a few girlfriends over last night to test them out, and I've not received any news that anyone is ill that's good!

The recipe I used for the cupcakes and icing can be found at and the recipe for the raspberry filling is at

The batter was actually pretty; almost luminescent

My first endeavor in making buttercream icing


My first endeavor in making raspberry filling. It was the easiest thing!

...and really made me wish I was making raspberry cobbler.

Getting ready to fill the cupcakes.

Cupcakes case you didn't notice.

Yeah, there's a bit of a learning curve...

...but icing helps in shrouding it!


Contest: Do you live near Houston or plan on being in the area this coming Tuesday, December 14th? Do you love dancing or live performances? Would you like tickets to this show
If so, you better hurry up and be the first to tell me what you're excited about wearing this weekend in the comment box below! I'll have tickets reserved for you at will call!


  1. Yay....I think I'm first!!! Yay...I hope I win!!!
    I am going to a party Saturday evening in Katy. I bought a cute brocade skirt from Forever 21. I am pairing with a tight knit turtle neck top, greyish tights, and black patent leather boots!
    I hope you consider 50 somethings stylish for your blog!!! LOL HUGS to all....

  2. Yay! Theresa is our winner! And she is alway stylish :-)
    Keep on telling describing your weekend wear, readers! We love to hear about it :-)

  3. sarabeth! in honor of my Seattle roots I plan on wearing a bright green puffy vest and black thermal shirt underneath...with some faded jeans and either my converse or black boots...subject to change of course...b/c I dress in the mornings based on how I "feel" - but i have been waiting for a cold weekend day to wear my puffy vest that I so love for its bright, warm, puffiness =)