Monday, December 13, 2010

Fashioned for Faithfulness: Special Monday Edition

All I can say is, "God is good."

My sister, Juliana, went into labor at roughly 7:30am this past Friday. By 3pm B and I were leaving work and packing up for a fast trip to Denton.

I had more or less resigned myself to the assumption that I would not be present to witness my newest nephew's first moments of life outside of his mommy. But God took care of all that, and I got to see this little miracle's very first breath:

Caden Michael Schul was born at approximately 11:50pm on 12/10/10.

One more miraculous piece of evidence that God is the ultimate fashion genius.


  1. Wow, he's BEAUUUTIFUL : )

    Welcome to the world, Caden!

  2. Congratulations Auntie! I was with Lauren for Jocelyn's first breath and it was one of the sweetest moments we've ever shared. Before you know it he'll be three years old and will be bossing you around. They grow up so fast!

  3. Hey, I know that baby!!!!! Oh yah, He's the one that keeps me up all night!!! But it's worth it!!!