Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kimberly's Adventures in Burning Floors.

Mrs. Kimberly Wolfe is back from Tuesday night's production of Burn the Floor at the Hobby Center in Houston, and she brings along an arsenal of reasons why you should promptly acquire tickets to one of this weekend's performances. The costume descriptions are reason enough for me...

Shoes & Tattoos is elated to present (elongated drum roll meant to build anticipation).....(it's still rolling)......

Kimberly's Review!

 (At this point, readers are meant to stop reading in my voice and should, in fact, start reading in Kimberly's voice. If you are not entirely certain what our voices sound like, we grant temporary permission to feign two different female affectations. In the future, though, please have appropriate research prepared on Sarabeth vs. Kimberly accent, diction, and intonation.)

"I now know why the performance is called Burn the Floor—it's because the dancers are on fire! Upon leaving the theater, my first words to my friend who accompanied me were, 'That just makes me want to shake my bootie.' Everything about the show—the choreography, the precision, the music, the costumes—was remarkably impressive, and the dancers kept the audiences engaged with their fiery performances. A full percussion section and drum set on stage added to the dynamics.

My two favorite dances were the Samba from Act I and the Waltz/Tango/Paso Doble/Rumbo near the end of Act II. For the samba, the ladies wore the most incredible combination of encrusted jewels and flowing fringe that I have ever seen.

Photo Source
The picture shows the costume, but in the performance I saw, the entire brazier portion of the costume was covered in enormous jewels, sending light beams all the way beyond the back row of the theater. The long fringe of the costume moved with the ladies and they shook, shimmied, and spun across the stage. Like many dance costumes, it was cut extremely low in the back, which allowed for a hula skirt effect to take place with the slightest move of the bootie. The dancer in the picture, Giselle Peacock, is an incredible performer. She combined extreme energy with precise body control and I couldn't take my eyes off her, nor could I stop wishing she'd meet me afterwards to teach me some moves.

In the second act, a couple came out and began waltzing to Cher's "After All." I must admit, I began to roll my eyes, thinking it would be cheesy, but then, THEN, a screen was lowered, the dancers moved to the side of the stage, and as they danced back to the center, their graceful image was mirrored on the other side of the screen. But it wasn't an image at all! It was a separate couple performing in perfect synchronicity as they mirrored the performance of the original two dancers. It was absolutely beautiful. The number progressed with other dancers, and incorporated more modern dances.

The vocalists, including Peter Saul, Vonzell Solomon, and Mr. Hot Stepper himself Mark Ballas, were remarkable as well. Thank you Sarabeth for such a wonderful evening!"

(Now initiating Sarabeth voice)

Thank you, Kimberly, for providing such an engaging review! And many thanks to Art Meets Council of Houston for providing me with a pair of tickets to bestow upon one of my many fashion forward readers!

If you would like to get your very own, visit because more performances will be going on now through December 19th!


  1. I sooooo wish I could go to this; it looks like so much fun and I've heard glowing reviews from all the Houstonians I know who have gone.

  2. We were there opening night and it was FABULOUS!!!

    Lori @My Kinda Rain