Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh yeah, the blog...

Thus far today has been a lazy one filled with catching up on sleep and a bit of exercise. Not being in my office and not anxiously awaiting the next student, whose life he or she will be convinced I am trying to destroy, has consequently led to blog neglectfulness. The next three weeks may continue on in this sporadic manner, as I'll be in Denton enjoying Christmas vacation with family. I'll do my best to keep you notified of any ground breaking fashion news, though.

In the mean time, can we discuss how wonderful my blog looks thanks to the design genius of Ms. Rachel Lacy? I am so pleased with the results of our collaboration, and by "collaboration", I mean Rachel translating my listless ramblings on personal blog aesthetics and turning them into something fantastic.

Thanks, Rachel!

I am off now to prepare for what may be the only Christmas party B and I will attend this year that requires cocktail attire. Should this be the case, I'll get some pics for your viewing pleasure and post them tomorrow.


  1. You go Rachel! It looks awesome! Merry Christmas and God bless.

  2. yeah girl i luuuuurve it :p cant wait to see what amazing attire u don for this party:) love you and have a great holiday