Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tattoo Tues...I mean Wednesday!

As most holiday celebrations in Bryan/College Station would have it, cocktail attire was not actually worn to the Christmas cocktail party we attended last Monday night. I wore a denim skirt and a black top, but with these shoes....
When in doubt, I just wear statement shoes to an event. It seems to always work regardless of the formality level. These Charles Davids did just that.

Bella Bawk suspiciously eying my project

While Tallulah avoids confrontation entirely.   

Since we gave Tuesday a miss, we'll move Fashionably Inked right on to today!

I love the delicacy and movement found in this design. The execution is youthful without any hint of immaturity, which I think will allow it to remain timeless.

Tomorrow evening, B and I will be traveling to Denton, and my schedule has "hold new nephew, Baby Caden, and coo and talk baby talk for a very long time" permanently inked into it. I'll do my best to stop by for Fashion Forum Friday, though.

Off to wrap more presents!


  1. LOVE that tattoo. And her flawless skin.

    I might be turning a wee bit jealous over here.

  2. We'll just assume that she edited quite a bit via photo shop.

  3. tatoo is lovely. I wish I was brave enough to get one!d

    Helen, X

  4. tattoos and shoes!? You're speaking my language! Throw in a margarita or a glass of wine and its like we were meant to be :)