Thursday, January 20, 2011

Did I mention I like vintage things?

Get it here. You'll like it!
Joshilyn Jackson prevails as my favorite contemporary author. My literary journey through her books started with Between, Georgia, which also premiered as my first post-adolescence book-on-tape experience.

Back in the summer of 2009, I still resided in Denton so B and I alternated weekends between DFW and B/CS, as we prepared for our impending August wedding. He would come stay with my family one weekend, and I would turn around and travel to our good friend's house in Bryan the following Friday. It was exhausting...but necessary.

Enter: Joshilyn Jackson and her second of three published books at the time. Between, Georgia kept me awake on one of my weekend road trips and won my affection with its sarcastic southern wit and sincere storyline.

I've since laughed and cried my way through Gods in Alabama, The Girl Who Stopped Swimming, and her latest release from last summer, Backseat Saints. Oh, and I actually read those.

Here's my point: I need that red dress! I am obsessed with her book cover, and it appears to be literally timeless. The story takes place in the here and now, but the photo could easily originate from the 60s.

I heart...deeply deeply profoundly heart...vintage things.

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  1. GORGEOUS dress -- love, love, love it.

    Also love Joshilyn Jackson -- I was introduced to her when I was still teaching; our entire English Department swapped her books (at the time, the only ones out were Gods in Alabama and Between, Georgia). That was the best part about being an English teacher -- discovering new authors thanks to a range of literary tastes and backgrounds among the faculty.

    (sigh -- really, really, really miss teaching)