Friday, January 28, 2011

Fashion Forum Friday: How to Look Good Baking

Just when I thought my frequent road trips to DFW would decrease, my newest nephew, Caden, decided to interrupt my weekend schedule...AGAIN!. This 7-week-old grows increasingly demanding, and his parents do nothing to hinder it...honestly, I'm kind of worried about his social development.

For example, you can be holding Cade one minute, and he's perfectly content. Then the next thing you know, he's bawling because you failed to keep his plug in his mouth. "Keep your own plug in your own mouth!" I firmly demand. Okay, so I don't actually say that...I gently place the plug back in his mouth and get up and walk around with him in my arms until he falls back asleep. You see, if his parents weren't so complacent, I wouldn't be either.

Oh, and he's totally maniacal and ungrateful. Caden refuses to utilize the facilities like a normal person, and then takes aim at your face and pees on you when you try to assist him. Why are we putting up with this troubling behavior?

And everyone, including myself, tells him how cute, sweet, and handsome he is. I mean, no one even has the gumption to point out that he is, in fact, bald and has no muscle tone whatsoever.

So now Baldy McToneless requires me to travel, once again, to Denton for his baby dedication at New Life Church this weekend. Oh! AND he would like cupcakes for his baby brunch after the church service. Really, Caden? How about I whip up some steak tar tar for you while I'm at it?

If you've managed to read this far without sensing my joking/sarcastic tone, what's wrong with you?!? You think I would talk like this about a baby? A baby, who is my nephew? Maybe you should just stop reading my blog....Gotcha again!

Anyways, I shall relocate to Denton tonight and plan on making cupcakes the following evening. I haven't decided on what kind, yet, but I'll try to remember to document it. Otherwise, the entire blogging community may never know how to properly make a cupcake (You see, that was my self-effacing method of pointing out the fact that I do not know why it is a good idea for me to chronicle my cupcake journey by way of photojournalism, but I like it. In using this hyperbolic surmise, I allow an opportunity for readers, who may also be wondering why I feel the need to chronicle my cupcake adventures, to realize that I am not attempting ego-inflation.)

Because I will be making Baby Dedication Brunch cupcakes, I look forward to wearing my vintage inspired apron from World Market.
Find it here
Whenever I get to wear it, I always kind of wish I had an excuse to wear it in public forums. Maybe I'll go grocery shopping with it still on sometime...or is that a bit psycho? Maybe I'll wear it to Cade's dedication and affect an exhausted countenance through the entire service.

Does anyone have any exciting wardrobe plans this weekend?

P.S. I love all of my nieces and nephews dearly and will make cupcakes for them whenever they want.

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