Friday, January 21, 2011

Fashion Forum Friday: Interior Design Edition

After nearly 18 months of marriage, B and I recently decided that we were tired of sleeping side by side. Literally, that is.

Literally one person's side crammed up against the other's side.

The close quarters of our full size bed seemed to only shrink, especially after our family of three (B+Me+Bella Bawk Ba Gawk) increased to four upon adopting the Poodle this past summer. Our efforts in keeping Bella and Tallulah off the bed at night were immediately thwarted by pouty, heart-rending puppy-dog faces accompanied by bemoaned cries of the banished. As a result, they were exiled for less than five minutes.

Cut to two weeks ago, and B and I are purchasing a Tempur-Pedic California king mattress. Huzzah!

Over the past two weeks, I have scoured the mall, T.J. Maxx, Bed Bath & Beyond, Pier One,,,, etc. for the perfect bedding. Turns out that California king fitted sheets are difficult to come by in Texas. We went with the 72" by 84" measurements, as we felt the Eastern king's 76" by 80" would look a bit too wide in our room. It's not the largest master suite in the world.

Unusual measurements and the desire to coordinate the colors of our room with a vintage Vogue print my parents gave me for Christmas kept me in an obsessed state of perpetual interior designing.

Alas, my work is complete...well almost...and my Fashion Forum Friday item this week is my bed because I CAN'T WAIT to sleep in tomorrow morning!

Tea Green French Tile quilt and
Tuscan Giorgetta Bird duvet-Pottery Barn
Brown sateen sheets-Target (I've slept on brands as nice as Ralph Lauren and the like. If you want to save some money, go to Target...they're awesome!)
Ivory Eyelet bedskirt-Also Target

A view from the other side. Our bay windows really allow for more space.

I found these great shabby chic bedside tables on Ebay.

A closer look at the Vogue print and the colors we were trying to pull.

Bella and Tallulah approved. Bella is also "overjoyed" to share space with Tallulah.

"Get off."

"Seriously. GET OFF!"
B and I are designing a headboard, which he will be constructing. Hopefully work will begin this weekend! I'd show the other end of our room...but it's not picture worthy just I said, I'm almost done. Still a bit more to obsess about.
Anyone excited about wearing anything or sleeping in anything this weekend? Or just excited about sleeping in?

Bon Weekend!

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