Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday: How to tie in Oprah and Tattoos at the same time.

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Learning that Oprah had acquired her very own network, creatively entitled "own", didn't bowl me over. In fact, I assumed she already owned her own planet, and I lived in frustrated wonderment as to why she didn't simply rocket herself off to this far away galaxy and claim martial law governed by the Church of Me. Sounds like a win/win scenario.

I was, on the other hand, presently surprised to learn that the film Happy-Go-Lucky managed to receive Oprah's "own" endorsement this past Saturday. The British film features a hysterical Sally Hawkins as the character Poppy, who's sugary sweet outlook on life perseveres regardless of how craptastic (thanks for the new word, Rachel!) the atmosphere. Sounds annoying, right? It's not; I love it, in fact.

And now, my point. Poppy parades around in ensembles that approach absurd throughout the entire film, and this is a prime example of a strong personality owning her look. I actually loved almost everything she wore; good on ya', Happy-Go-Lucky costume designer!

Black lace tights paired with boots can often be viewed on Poppy's bottom half. Hence, my Tattoo Tuesday image above. Besides the artfully detailed ink, the image made me happy thanks to Happy-Go-Lucky.

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