Monday, February 28, 2011

Time to let the baby out of the bag.

Just as I was growing concerned that my blog may soon stagnate, material presented itself. One could easily tire of my inane ramblings in regards to shoes, tattoos, and any other random subject about which I feel the need to overly express myself. Alas, over the next 30+ weeks my readers can join me as I blaze trails in my newest fashion frontier: Maternity Wear.

Yes, it's true! B and I are expecting our first child around October 21st, and my enraged hormones can guarantee copious amounts of overly dramatic stories and opinions as my mind and body adapt to this radical, yet welcomed, change.

Our first humorous narrative begins with us finding out.

On the afternoon of Sunday, February 13th (my birthday), B and I returned home after a lovely birthday luncheon with our friends. I was SICK! Not of my friends; no, they are, as mentioned, lovely. Waxing suspicious, I decided to take a cheap-o Dollar Tree pg test, which resulted in the following image:
At this point you would assume that B and I could be witnessed jumping around in an excited manner. We were, however, bent over the bathroom counter scrutinizing this seemingly dubious test, wearing concerned, analytical expressions.

What does this faint line indicate? Is it a mere evaporation line? Should I invest any actual emotion into this result? Can it tell me the gender too?

Not yet believing my eyes, I called my mother and sister for more experienced, learned observation. After texting a pic to them, Juliana confirmed that this was quite similar to the result she produced upon discovering that she was pregnant with Cade.

"But can she be trusted?" my fevered mind queried. "Rachel! Yes, I'll send a pic to Rachel! She'll know for certain!" Fully believing that my sister-in-law, who has two children with a third on the way, would be able to crack the pg test code, I quickly texted her the picture noting the level of faintness of the test line and professing my doubt. She countered with "That's not faint. That's BEAUTIFUL!"

Hmmmm? Could it be that both of these mothers were correct? Was this an authentic, reliable positive?

Still doubting the obvious, I retested again the next morning, for fear that my body was playing a cruel prank on me.


The same.

Although I was quite convinced at this point, I much preferred to acquire some sort of test that would allow me to pee on a stick, which would then result in a small elf springing forth and proclaiming that I was, in fact, pregnant. The closest thing I could find was a digital test.


So there we have it. No pregnancy-proclaiming elves but a pretty clear indicator, nonetheless.
I went to my first appointment last Wednesday, and while it was too early to witness a heartbeat, my doctor confirmed that all was developing well, and he was also able to point out the yolk sac. I'll return in a couple of weeks to confirm the heartbeat as well as a due date.

As for now, I'm six weeks along and vomit-free. Any nay-sayers out there, who feel the need to tell me that I will encounter retched morning sickness in the coming weeks, I dare you to challenge me in my current emotional state.

You. Will. Lose. I will make you cry.

I'm definitely feeling the pregnancy with nausea and headaches included, but if this is as bad as it gets, that would be a HUGE blessing. The idea of projectile vomiting on a student...or his/her parent...(although enticing) just stresses me out. So B and I are sincerely praying that my current state of baby sickness is as bad as it gets.

Regardless of potential projectile vomit and impending weight gain, B and I are ecstatic and so thankful to the Lord for blessing us with this new season in our lives.

Please, keep us in your prayers!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not your mom's open mic venue.

It's doubtful that your mom regularly attends an open mic venue, but if she does, this one is entirely different.

If you live in the Bryan/College Station area and if even a smidgen of your heart loves music, please do me the favor of reading the following article from Maroon Weekly: Village Cafe Fosters Local Talent

This one is close to my heart, and that may be due to the involvement of my husband and several friends. Nonetheless, I strongly believe in traveling off the beaten path and immersing one's self in the often uncharted territory of local music.

I've observed that other areas such as Austin or even Denton have a strong draw in the community when it comes to the appreciation of local musicians. B/CS, on the other hand, seems to fall victim to the draw of Northgate. Sadly, college students, young professionals, and long time residents fail to observe the talent located just across the tracks. Sure, we flock to bands migrating from other cities, but why aren't we celebrating our own talent with the same, if not escalated, enthusiasm? Just a thought.

Monday, February 21, 2011

It was fun while it lasted.

Sowing the few remaining wild oats left in my basket was, indeed, fun. But it would appear that my nose is not cut out for having a hole cut out of it. After three weeks of carefully cleaning and nursing the nostril piercing, it became clear to me that I would live with the perpetual risk of developing a permanent keloid scar.

I remain enamored with the the tiny, delicate sparkle of a nostril piercing but wax furious when I envision it accompanied by a persistent bump. Those of you with more agreeable, less sensitive skin, tip o' the hat to you!

Goodnight, sweet nose piercing.

And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fashion Forum Friday: A Small Feat Accomplished

Photo Source

After tearfully forcing myself to resume and stick with my normal exercise schedule along with buying all of the Walden Farm products that I can find (unless their stuff is melting my insides, I don't want to hear a negative peep about them! And if they are, I'm still not certain that I do), I am officially back down to my pre-Christmas weight!

This is, of course, according to my Lucky Brand Zoe straight jeans. I don't own a scale, but these pants are un-for-giv-ing! They don't lie.

Therefore, my fashion forum Friday item is: JEANS!

Lucky Brand remains my favorite to date because a few of their styles just seem to always fit my particular shape. I more or less went up a size over Christmas break (I blame it on my sister, who had to stay fairly well nourished, as she was nursing a baby. It's not like I wanted her to eat alone. That would be RUDE!), and despite my increased size requirement, the Sweet n' Low style never fails to flatter.

So, if you find that you have more of a defined waist with broader hips and a fuller shapely rear, try Lucky's Sweet n' Low style and a few others as well.

Like many brands, Lucky can get pricey, but the product will last a million years so consider the purchase an investment. They're certainly not throw away jeans.

Here's another trick of mine: If you gain a bit of weight and your jeans are uncomfortable, don't torture yourself. Go buy the appropriate size in your favorite style, and you will feel much better about yourself. Put your smaller jeans in storage. Sure, the weight might come off again, but there's no sense in the smaller jeans hanging around in your closet taunting you. Weight gain happens to the best of us, and there's no sense in walking around beating ourselves up. We need to focus our energy on positive things! God did not intend for us to walk around miserable because we don't meet the world's standards. We are His beautiful creation!

Likewise, if you do lose weight, get the good ol' skinnies out, but do not, by any means, get rid of the larger sizes. Put them in storage as well. Life is unpredictable and often so is weight fluctuation. I'm in my smaller size now, but who knows. I might fall off of my health train, or my metabolism might change as I continue to approach the end of my 20's. I don't plan on emptying my arsenal of Lucky jeans any time soon! My larger *ahem* shapely lower half (regardless of size) shall always remain adorned in Lucky.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shameless Music Plug: B/CS Residents MUST Read It!

Don't fret; we won't be revisiting Garth Brook's emotionally devastating albeit a wee bit embarrassing song "Shameless".

Nay, but we will be using my blog to plug Maroon Weekly's Artist Spotlight of the month event:
Want to read a great article about these guys? Click HERE!
Hunter McKithan and the Offenders! Click on the link above to read a very interesting and informative article by managing editor Chris Zebo, or just take my word for it that you need to make it over the Church Street Texas Blues & BBQ tonight at 9pm. I would prefer you do both!

Not only do you have the opportunity to become more acquainted with this dark horse band out of Houston, but you'll also get to enjoy amazing Texas barbeque coupled with a local Messina Hof wine...or beer, of course. 

As if you require more rationale for attendance, let me assure you that you won't find a better location in Northgate tonight. Come enjoy the gorgeous weather out on the patio, which was designed by a certain B. Lacy.

Hope to see you all out there!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fashionably Inked: We LOVE Animals

Photo Source

 Wow, I don't know where to begin. Let me start with FANTASTIC!

Having said that, I love tattoos that induce simultaneous, conflicting reactions. Do I laugh? Do I cringe? Do I find a wreath of flowers to place on my head so I can adequately frolic in a field with hobbits and talking grasshoppers?

The bird doesn't throw me off, and might I add that the coloring on it's neck is gorgeous. Well done!

Now, I do question why we're placing the squirrel in a lofty place of esteem. I have no problem with it; I kind of love it, in fact. I just want to know why? Do we love squirrels in general? Did we grow up with a pet squirrel? I, and many other Texas residents, have family in Mississippi that would most likely be able to raise and train a squirrel...and they might even get a tattoo about I can understand this point of view.

I just want to know! Why the grand exultation of a peach-eating squirrel? I like it!

Perhaps I should have this likeness framed and tattooed on my person?

Yeah, I'm going with no...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Great Birthday. Bad Pictures.

My fantastic friends from Antioch Community Church arranged a birthday luncheon for me, yesterday! Chef Cao's, yummm. Best panang I've had in a while.

Could I look more anemic and sickly on my birthday?

My friend, Jess. She made and amazing chocolate cake! I'm still lookin' worse for wear. Oh well.

Just one more picture proving that I need a new camera....but I got LOTS of awesome friends!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fashion Forum Friday: Birthday Attire

Last Monday at life group, our pastor asked, "Does anyone have a birthday this month?" All eyes, including mine, started to search the room for any raised hands, but none were to be found. Then my friend, Kara, kindly reminded me that my birthday would, in fact, be occurring this month, as it has been for well over two decades. Apparently reaching the latter part of your twenties also denotes a significant drop in brain activity. I totally forgot.

Alas, my  birthday is this Sunday, but B and I intend to celebrate tonight. While I love that he is making plans and keeping me in the dark, he has yet to inform me about appropriate attire. This is worrisome because in Bryan/College Station wardrobe requirements can escalate as quickly as they can diminish. You pretty much have two options: Cocktail dress or denim. At least that's as far as my options extend, as I refuse to mimic the "club uniform" about which I rant in one of my Maroon Weekly articles.

So for once in Fashion Forum Friday history...I don't know what I'm looking forward to wearing this weekend! AHHHHHH!!!!

Does anyone else know what they're looking forward to wearing? I could use the inspiration!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fashioned for Faithfulness: Joy (Sarabeth gets uncomfortably vulnerable.)

This one's a long one. Can you imagine? Take a moment, if you have one, to read it, as I am choosing to get fairly vulnerable with my readers.
Shoes bring me such joy!

Hebrews 12:1-3 (New Living Translation)

1. Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. 2. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith. Because of the joy awaiting him, he endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Now he is seated in the place of honor beside God’s throne. 3. Think of all the hostility he endured from sinful people; then you won’t become weary and give up.

Just as we gave Fashion Forum Friday a miss last week, we're going to bypass Tattoo Tuesday as well because something else is on my heart today. We discussed this verse last night at Lifegroup and it struck a chord. The picture above is present as a representation of something that brings me joy.

Why bring this verse up? I, a self-proclaimed non-morning person in the most virulent of manners, certainly don't experience immediate joy upon reading a Bible verse encouraging endurance at approximately 9am. Why do you want me to run a race right now, God? That's a non-joy inducing suggestion for this non-morning person.

Right, so we're not discussing a literal race, but we are discussing endurance and discipline and faith and other things that are so easy to bow out of and label as "legalistic" or "overly religious". I am guilty; no finger pointing here. But, if for a moment we set aside our fears, as the Lord did not give us a spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1:7), and take a closer look, we see that the Lord is promising us joy. Joyfulness. An enduring kind.

We also see that the Lord is not asking us to do any more than He has already done. Think of your lowest time. Was someone unjustly angry with you? Were you mocked for something? Were you in severe emotional or even physical pain? The Lord endured the greatest sum of all of these when he chose to die on the cross for us. And now He is joyfully seated at the right hand of God. He saw his goal during his pain; it was the joy of living in heaven with us, his children. Therefore, he endured.

If we choose to believe what the Bible tells us, which is that the Lord is GOOD (Psalm 34:8), then we need to fully recognize the character of God. He is Good. He is Love. He accepts us as we are. He loves us as we are Now. We have His Acceptance Right Here and Now. That is, I believe, God's nature. You don't have to change a single thing about yourself for God to love you at this very moment. He LOVES YOU.

So why, if God accepts us as we are now, do we need to "run with endurance"? Isn't that just legalism talking again? Well, if you think that good deeds are the one and only key to heaven, then yes, it is just legalism. We are saved by faith in our Savior God(Romans 3:28). But, if we believe that God, in all of his goodness, wants to move in our lives and bless us with joyfulness to our fullest capacity, then we must have some endurance as He did. We must pursue the heart of God. To do that is to strive to become more like Him. That's no easy task. And it's often uncomfortable, and this world does not encourage us to tolerate discomfort. Well, unless we're talking about discomfort in one's own skin. Yes, unacceptance as you are is a discomfort the world gladly promotes.

Don't run away scared at this point; bear with me a bit longer. If we believe that God is Good and wants to Bless us with Joyfulness so we, therefore, strive to be more like him, what then is the "sin that so easily trips us up"? I think that can look different for each person.

What takes up most of your time? What inhabits your thoughts? What are you potentially bowing down to in this world? And don't feel persecuted by me when I ask that. Here, I'll even tell you some of mine:

1. I live in the future instead of the present. I worry about plans that may or may not be an issue. I don't rest in Peace.

2. I constantly strive to find the next best thing in fashion, interior design, etc. I don't find contentment in what I already have.

3. I even realized that my after-work glass of wine was becoming too much of a regular comfort. Don't get me wrong, there are no alcoholism scares here, but I realize that it is a comfort zone that easily distracts me from spending quality time with the Lord (i.e. go home, enjoy glass of wine, get tired, do nothing productive), and I didn't like the idea of making a change. Therefore, change is necessary.

So, I'm not saying that making smart decisions about the future, loving fashion, or enjoying wine are bad things. No. The Lord wants me to enjoy these things; it is good to enjoy His creation. BUT, when these things start to take precedent over Him and take up a larger space in my life than He does, then I have a problem. How can He fully bless me with all of His joyfulness if I'm not spending time with Him and pursuing His ways? I need to make some temporarily uncomfortable changes in order to return to the Heart of God, which is a joyful destination.

What is something that is taking up more of your time, attention, or heart other than the Lord? It can be obvious, but it can be just as insidious. Facebook? TV? Shopping? Games? Writing? Worrying? The list can go on and on.

Remember, I'm not calling these activities inherently bad. They are not necessarily. But if you feel in your heart that something might be a stumbling block for you, maybe take some time to talk to the Lord to see if there's something He wants you to do about it.

Here is what I believe He is challenging me with.

First of all, I'm on a shopping fast. No more buying clothes, shoes, or anything else to dress my body for an indefinite amount of time. I have so much, and I don't appreciate it. I'm going to take the time in which I would normally go out and shop and give that to the Lord, plus I'm going to start Loving all of the good things in my wardrobe that I already have. It actually kind of feels like a relief at the moment, but I anticipate some hard decisions ahead. You can all hold me accountable. It's for my own joyfulness.

Secondly, I'm on a wine fast with my quickly approaching birthday/Valentine's day as the only exception. I can celebrate those events with my husband, but my daily habits need to change for a bit so I can get back to that place of genuinely enjoying wine.

There you have it: my challenges. Don't feel that I'm trying to pressure anyone into fasting from anything. These are totally personal decisions that need to be made between you and the Lord. I just hope to offer encouragement to anyone who may feel it's time to make some changes or may be looking for a more enduring joy than that which the world has to offer. If you feel led to do so, then join me! If you have any questions, please ask me! Make a great big leap or a tiny baby step. Or just inquire. Whatever you feel led to do. Take that leap or step in faith that the Lord will not fail you.

Anyone with questions about fasting (why, when, where, how) or about accepting the Lord as your savior, please feel free to contact me at

Don't worry; I'm not going televangelist on y'all. Don't want to deny anyone the offer if they need it, though.

I'll be back at the end of the week after I rummage through my closet for a good Fashion Forum Friday item!

Monday, February 7, 2011

And we're back...

Ahhhh Texas, where would I be without your erratic weather changes thus resulting in feverish congestion, watering eyes, and unfortunate hives? I would be in a lucid place free of a benadryl-induced coma. But what fun would that be? suggests sunny weather with a high of 53 degrees for today, which belies last Friday's conditions: Cloudy, Snowy, Freezing (literally, and I literally mean literally. I'm not abusing its connotation).

While my allergies supply copious reasons to complain, Texas' irrational fear of white stuff on the ground covers a multitude of sins. I received my snow day (i.e. closed Blinn campus) with joy and slumber...but slumber did not arrive until after a bit of doggy frolicking in the snow:

Snow 'staches are always in style.

Now for that slumbering of which we spoke.

Sorry, Fashion Forum Friday. We're watching Moonstruck on AMC and then falling asleep for three hours. That's a good Friday.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fashionably Inked: Tattoo Tuesday

Found it here!
I love the juxtaposition of this collage of tattoos, which some would easily dismiss as garish, next to a soft, feminine dress.

Just one more reminder that many women enamored with ink do not wish to abandon prettiness. I can't foresee myself acquiring a sleeve; in fact, I believe I'm done with anything on my arms (but I would hate to have to eat my words!). Still, my heart always skips a beat when I see a woman embracing a delicate femininity along with a cultivation of personal artwork.