Monday, February 7, 2011

And we're back...

Ahhhh Texas, where would I be without your erratic weather changes thus resulting in feverish congestion, watering eyes, and unfortunate hives? I would be in a lucid place free of a benadryl-induced coma. But what fun would that be? suggests sunny weather with a high of 53 degrees for today, which belies last Friday's conditions: Cloudy, Snowy, Freezing (literally, and I literally mean literally. I'm not abusing its connotation).

While my allergies supply copious reasons to complain, Texas' irrational fear of white stuff on the ground covers a multitude of sins. I received my snow day (i.e. closed Blinn campus) with joy and slumber...but slumber did not arrive until after a bit of doggy frolicking in the snow:

Snow 'staches are always in style.

Now for that slumbering of which we spoke.

Sorry, Fashion Forum Friday. We're watching Moonstruck on AMC and then falling asleep for three hours. That's a good Friday.

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