Friday, February 11, 2011

Fashion Forum Friday: Birthday Attire

Last Monday at life group, our pastor asked, "Does anyone have a birthday this month?" All eyes, including mine, started to search the room for any raised hands, but none were to be found. Then my friend, Kara, kindly reminded me that my birthday would, in fact, be occurring this month, as it has been for well over two decades. Apparently reaching the latter part of your twenties also denotes a significant drop in brain activity. I totally forgot.

Alas, my  birthday is this Sunday, but B and I intend to celebrate tonight. While I love that he is making plans and keeping me in the dark, he has yet to inform me about appropriate attire. This is worrisome because in Bryan/College Station wardrobe requirements can escalate as quickly as they can diminish. You pretty much have two options: Cocktail dress or denim. At least that's as far as my options extend, as I refuse to mimic the "club uniform" about which I rant in one of my Maroon Weekly articles.

So for once in Fashion Forum Friday history...I don't know what I'm looking forward to wearing this weekend! AHHHHHH!!!!

Does anyone else know what they're looking forward to wearing? I could use the inspiration!


  1. I have no idea what I'll be donning this weekend, but I LOVE your shirt!!!! (I did just order some new blue heels so I look forward to wearing those next weekend!... Even if it's only to Wal Mart.) Have fun tonight and good luck on wardrobe selection :o) You'll look fabulous, I'm sure!