Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fashionably Inked: We LOVE Animals

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 Wow, I don't know where to begin. Let me start with FANTASTIC!

Having said that, I love tattoos that induce simultaneous, conflicting reactions. Do I laugh? Do I cringe? Do I find a wreath of flowers to place on my head so I can adequately frolic in a field with hobbits and talking grasshoppers?

The bird doesn't throw me off, and might I add that the coloring on it's neck is gorgeous. Well done!

Now, I do question why we're placing the squirrel in a lofty place of esteem. I have no problem with it; I kind of love it, in fact. I just want to know why? Do we love squirrels in general? Did we grow up with a pet squirrel? I, and many other Texas residents, have family in Mississippi that would most likely be able to raise and train a squirrel...and they might even get a tattoo about it...so I can understand this point of view.

I just want to know! Why the grand exultation of a peach-eating squirrel? I like it!

Perhaps I should have this likeness framed and tattooed on my person?

Yeah, I'm going with no...

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  1. LOL....Bella....I love how she daintily has placed one paw forward! As I explore the photo more closely, I also notice the DIRT on her back, which is soooo Bella. This photo makes me smile. Hey happy belated birthday too....sorry I missed that, and thanks for the LURVE you sent me yesterday for VD. Hugs to you and Brandon, and those doggies.